Wow! Sold the House by Manifesting + One More Thing

Wow! Sold the House by Manifesting + One More Thing

When I lived in Australia I watched the video of The Secret, but it didn’t resonate with me at the time. I got the idea to some degree but I didn’t feel motivated to give it a go.

Recently a problem came up with my daughter and the idea of using manifesting to help occurred to me. I searched around on the web, came across Manifesting 1,2,3 and downloaded it on Audible and I am happy I did. You explained Manifesting in a much easier way. I really like the visual of my movie in the future. Visuals really work for me.

Now I had something that might be useful for my daughter. She has had a home on market in Louisiana for a year. It is a first-rate, new home but for whatever the reason, she hadn’t found a buyer. She recently dropped the price a bit, but still no lookers.

She was exasperated and so was her husband. He has a good job but it is an hour-long commute each way. The idea was to sell the present home and move closer to his work. So far no leads and that commute is not getting any easier.

They were doing their best to get that sale though. Months earlier they tried a ceremony with a small statue of St. Jude to create a successful home sale, something commonly known among the real estate crowd. St. Jude is the Patron of Impossible causes and it was beginning to look like they had one. Here’s what you do: Bury the statue in in the front yard with St. Jude facing the home you want to sell. Well, when they were putting the Saint into the ground the eager 4-year old daughter snapped his head off.  EEEK!

It’s time to give Manifesting 1,2,3 a try. I got my daughter a copy of the book on Audible and said, “Just try it!”

In the middle of this no-sale problem, it came time to figure out where the kids will be in school next. There is a great lab school in the same town where the husband works and where they would like to be living now – an hour away.

My daughter and son-in-law did a difficult thing. They enrolled the kids in the lab school and my daughter and I began to manifest a future where everything worked out perfectly. We were imagining a future where the present house successfully sold followed by their wonderful new home in the town with the job and lab school. They had a lack of fear about putting the children in the school and I admired them for that. They were committed to making it all work out with the best future for everyone.

For my part of this, I imagined driving away from their present home and seeing a sold sign in the front yard. My daughter was trying to help things along as well. They considered another price drop on the house but decided to give it just a little more time first.

Last Sunday, Father’s day, they got a call from their realtor with good news. They got a very good offer and the buyer required very little to make it happen. Finally! They got just what they wanted shortly after putting the simple ideas in the book to work.

Good job Ken!

Thank you C. and kudos to all of you for making it happen. The credit is all yours. Their sale came in quickly and without dropping the price again, a real bonus.

There is something else here as well. In the book it’s called “Planting the Flag.” They took an extra step and acted as if their future had already arrived. The husband continued the long commute and they enrolled the kids in a great school in the other town. The parents felt the other location was best and they were prepared to center the family in that town regardless.

Rather than having an intention, they went further and acted on the idea as well. It is a very powerful manifesting tool and I am so very happy to hear of their success.

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There are over 200 stories on the Manifesting 123 website. Other readers are writing in with their very encouraging success stories, all searchable by keywords. Get the book, learn what they are doing, then get going! Once you know how manifesting actually works, it’s not likely you will let it go!

Go to the Interviews page to see and hear Ken talking about Manifesting 123. There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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