Surrendering Can Be the Most Powerful Option

Surrendering Can Be the Most Powerful Option

When we are manifesting, a number of tools are available to us. We are allowed to create anything on our own, a powerful gift. We can also call for help and Dana offers a powerful tool we should all be aware of. Why not use it all the time?

Dana writes:
I was being displaced from my current office lease for the second time in within nine months.When I had to move my office the first time, I was working out of a center with 10 other people, each with businesses of their own and we were all devastated when the building was repurposed in a way that wouldn’t allow us to renew our leases.

Once we were displaced, some of us moved into another center and thankfully, one of them offered to rent me a portion of their space.This loosely affiliated group of 10 consists of healing practitioners of various disciplines. The person I was sharing the 2ndspace with would be leaving in less than a year but I was glad to have something to office from. What was really needed was a space like a community center for all of the practitioners in a rent– stable place.

I thought, “Oh man I don’t want to manage people,” but something had to be done.I have used the manifesting techniques in Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3many times and sometimes I put a little bit more muscle “on top.” In this case, I called the angels in to help with my manifesting. I told the angels to bring in the perfect place with perfect partners, at the perfect price, and perfect location. I didn’t add any other limiting ideas and let my intention go out in gratitude.

Even as I put the angels on my manifesting idea, I could feel that I was in the way of my good outcome. I was still upset with the idea of moving again and now that it is later in the year, I am about to lose the space I’m currently sharing in just two weeks. Being upset or fearful will block or entangle good intentions, so I had to eliminate that fear.

Time was running short and even the angels on the job, I was getting really fearful and tense. I HAD to get out of the way, so I made the move that is a bit hard for me. I told God, “I surrender.” I needed this situation resolved and I didn’t even a date on when I needed the next office space…. just make it all work, please. It was a pure surrender.

Here’s what happened next:  Within one day of my surrendering, I had four office leases to pick from. I made an appointment to see space #1 and it was  really good for just me, with a small classroom too, but I really felt like all of the other practitioners needed to stay together as a community. It was a good space for my needs, so I put a hold on this space and drove to the next one.

As soon as I walked in, I immediately saw that this second space was everything I was looking for as well as a great space for all of the others. It was completely turn-key and it was priced so low I thought it was a mistake! It was absolutely affordable even if I didn’t have other renters. I could do it myself. There were three offices for practitioners and a huge classroom.

The person that owned the space had started a spiritual community and she was happy to learn that I was planning to do the same.I wouldn’t have to start from scratch to reach the spiritual community she already had worked five years put together… amazing! We were both so grateful and the owner made me a deal I couldn’t refuse and I took it!

So now I’m carrying on her legacy program thanks to her mailing list and mine. At our first event there we had about 450 people show up. The place was on fire!

I was so humbled by the instant success.Prior to moving into this new space, I really didn’t pay attention to what was going on around me. I was so focused on moving forward all the time and getting the bills paid, etc., I had no idea there was so much support around me. All I had to do was surrender.

It’s interesting that when I recognized I was in my own way, I could remember the sour attitude I carried with me
. I was just pouting because I had to move again and there was all that work to be done.

My surrender brought amazing results and quickly! The solution was delivered on a level that I I couldn’t even imagine and it came in so effortlessly. My new landlady was a wonderful, spiritual person and as I quickly learned so was the building handyman that did so much to ease my move.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the help!

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