Grateful? Pay it Forward

Grateful? Pay it Forward

Louise writes:
A few years ago, I met a young woman that had just gone through a terrible divorce. Her husband had become a meth addict, stole her money and she had to start all over financially. There where a number of women gathered together for dinner that heard her story and of course, we agreed that it was terrible.

The young woman explained that she was trying to find a new job and she made the statement, “They may not like me there.” I spoke up and told her that she could have more control over this outcome if she started saying seven grateful things every day. The grateful things could be small or important, but the idea is to do this every day with the intention of feeling the gratitude that surrounds you.

For instance, I’m grateful for my perfect health. I’m grateful for my wonderful, loving partner. I’m grateful that my bills and expenses are always paid. I’m grateful for that fantastic trip to the Grand Canyon that I took with the family 3 years ago.

Grateful things can be from the present or the past. What happens is that these grateful thoughts can open the way for more of the same and help to clear away the negative ideas we carry. The book actually describes what your thoughts can do and how it works.

I have read Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3 and I have given away a number of copies to all sorts of people.The book taught me about gratitude and how powerful it is. I know that when I am short on time, I will always start the day with the seven grateful things. It’s a very simple process and I thought it would be the perfect thing for her to start with.

I put a question to her, “What would you change to make your life happier now?” I went on to say that next, she should take that idea and visualize it. Imagine it in a way where she can clearly see that is has happened. In the case of the job she was concerned about, she would imagine that she is in the office and firmly established in her new career.

She went to work on her visualizations right away and I heard from her the very next day. She explained that the job application already on file there had been approved and she got the job!

After working at that job for year, she decided to further her career by getting an advanced, two-year degree in her specialty. She called me and once again, we talked about how she created her past successes.

Once again, she was worried about her prospects, but this time, I sent her the Manifesting 1,2,3 book and told her to use the simple visualizations along with the seven grateful things discussed there. I added to be sure and use both methods faithfully every day.

There was another goal in her life, and that was to find her life partner. After that awful relationship in her past, she was reluctant to try again.

I heard from her mom the other day and she gave me some good news. Her daughter was well established in the new job her degree provided and that she had also met someone! The mom thanked me and explained that with my help, she had really changed her daughter’s life.

I will take credit for helping out and getting the book to her, but she did the work and Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 made it easy.

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