Manifesting an Improved Career and the Equivalent Surprise!

Manifesting an Improved Career and the Equivalent Surprise!

I make a living as a full time artist. To expand my success, I make an intention at the beginning of each year and revisit that from time-to-time. Manifesting is not new to me and I’ve used it for a variety of things, including my art career in the past.

This year I decided I wanted to work larger and also start working with art consultants. I wasn’t even thinking of putting the two together, but it makes perfect sense since art consultants typically procure artwork for clients that have larger private and corporate spaces to fill.

A couple of weeks later, I got a call from an Art Consultant! This is not something that happens every day. She had met me before and had seen my work and thought it might be a good fit for an indoor corporate mural project she was working on. I was delighted she thought of me, so I thanked her, but told her I don’t do murals, and while I’d like to work larger, this was way beyond my capabilities.

To my surprise, she replied that if I won the contract, I wouldn’t have to make the paintings that large – they would commission me to create four paintings and then reproduce them at a large scale on the walls.

Well that’s exciting to imagine! My work would be displayed on two large corridors in a prominent corporate space. I asked about the budget for the project and wrote a proposal to describe the 4 paintings in a way that fit my style and theme of outdoor adventure. I set the price to fit the budget, and stipulated that I would keep the original versions and future reproduction rights. I submitted the proposal and then just let it go. I didn’t worry about it or think much about it at all.

A few weeks later, the call came. I won the bid! 

This project will stretch my boundaries. While the original paintings won’t be wall size, I still need to work larger than I’m used to, with the largest painting created at a whopping 8 feet wide!  There are lots of logistics to sort out, but I know in the end this will all work beautifully and I’m up for the challenge. Going forward, a project like this will attract other commissions and really showcase my artistic and professional skills – which is a bonus with other consultants in the field.

I remember in the Manifesting 1,2,3 book that sometimes people manifest the “equivalent” of things. Money is a great example, where you get the thing you desired without having to pay for it, or in a way that you could easily afford.

That is what happened here. The wall reproductions are the equivalent of actually creating large-scale physical artwork. Manifesting really does look like magic sometimes!

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