I Kept Saying, “I Am So Lonely,” and it Worked (with 4 story bonus!)

I Kept Saying, “I Am So Lonely,” and it Worked (with 4 story bonus!)

Grace writes:
I’ve been single for a long time, 30 years now. I am attractive, active and interesting but have been single for all these years. In the last twenty years I got into this habit: Every day and many times a day I would make the observation that I was lonely. Morning, afternoon and night I would say those words and feel the misery of it. I was really good at this!

My life felt restricted and there was a damper on everything. When there was joy or happiness, I didn’t feel it in full. I was lonely. I have been incredibly fortunate, having survived some very serious accidents with miraculous recoveries but regardless, it just felt wrong to be alone.

A few months ago I fell in love with a good man. All went well until it didn’t – we all know how the story goes. The unusual thing was while I was in a good part of the relationship I suddenly experienced a piercing pain down my entire spine, resulting in a trip to the emergency room. The pain was very severe and the docs couldn’t come up with a reason saying, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

My pain subsided, thank goodness, but shorly after the relationship fell apart. Now I was left with a great emotional pain. I needed my life back and to somehow move on. I really wanted to take something good from this experience. I desired a richer life and without being lonely.

It was at this point I prayed on my knees with the big tears – it was so very painful. Suprizingly, in just a weeks time I met met four perceptive and adept alternative healers. Each one had something to reduce the pain and they opened up a conversation about my relationship. Between them, my back pain was gone! It was just what I needed. Also, the level of emotional pain was now bearable and for the first time in decades, I felt whole and balanced. It was like day and night and more that I could have ever hoped or prayed for!

This gave me breathing room and the hope that my life was moving forward. Perhaps my prayers were being answered.

My relationship eventually ended but I was in a better place and I was now considering that I could really be happy with or without a relationship. Of course a wonderful relationship if my preference but I was no longer Needy for one. Then three weeks later something amazing happened.

One morning I woke up with the instant realization that for the first time in decades I was no longer lonely! It was just there – no lonliness in my being. The diference is incredible and a big weight has been lifted from me. I have a new life and I am feel lighter, happier, and balanced. I no longer feel needy and I am free of the loneliness that plagued me for so long. I am wiser and happier. Sure, the loneliness comes up occasionally, but I can easily put it aside and forget about it. My thoughts are concerned with the good in my life, my work and the people I help.

I have learned what my thoughts can create thanks to Manifesting 123 and it gave me a clear explanation of the events in my past and how to create the life I wish. When I told Ken this story and how I repeated the “I am lonely” thousands of times he asked, “So how did that work out?” We had a big laugh and high-fived when I told him I was expert at manifesting loneliness in a big way. Not anymore!

My thoughts and energies will be spent on much more interesting and positive things now. Oh, one more thing….

I recently decided to sign up for a dating service. In the last 9 weeks I have received almost 900 inquiries from interested men. I am so grateful to be in this new place!!

Thank you, Grace for your heartfelt story. Your repeated statement of loneliness created that state, no doubt and you maintained it for twenty years. Once you were in that relationship, there was joy and it was also very instructive.

Long story short, you came into it with need and afterwards you were free from that. Your prayers were answered and you began imagining your better life without need or feeling alone and you reached a beautiful balance.

Throughout all of this, your wishes and intentions were in play. When those intentions were mixed with positive or negative emotions, your thoughts began to create results more powerfully and efficiently.

In the end, it appears that your prayers and thoughts brought you through the door to a brighter future…. and 900 requests to meet you!

Grace is not the only one to wake up free of tnegative burdens. Here are 4 stories from readers that used the information in Manifesting 123 and experienced similar miracles. Our thoughts can do magical things!!

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