Thoughts and Dreams of India. How Can They Possibility Come True?

Thoughts and Dreams of India. How Can They Possibility Come True?

Our repetitive thoughts create reality and the book describes how this occurs. In E’s story, she is thinking of India over a period of years and didn’t let that idea go. Regardless of the difficulties of making that happen, her thoughts created a possible path. Our thoughts are powerful builders.

E. writes:
I have always wanted to go to India but it never worked out. Later I got married and the idea seemed further out of reach. Then moving years forward in time, I was going through a divorce and the dream to going to India was still there, but I couldn’t imagine leaving my children to do so.

Then an opportunity presented itself. A friend told me about her trip to India where she studied yoga and meditation and I thought about it and I was like, maybe I can do this now, so I called and I signed up, hoping they would have a spot for me and that somehow, this would all come together. I could go there, see another culture and learn serious yoga at a teaching site and its benefits into my life.

It wasn’t a big spiritual thing, just a tiny bit, but more as a step-up in my personal journey of wherever I was supposed to be and trusting myself. At the time, I was super afraid of so many things and it took a lot of courage for me to go there and leave to leave my 2 kids for 7 weeks.

While waiting to see if my application would be accepted, I went on a really long bike ride by myself at Crested Butte, Colorado. It was on my bike ride there that I heard Native American singing in the background. It felt like it was something like music from India. It was so weird I juat stopped and listened as the music wafted in and out. I was completely by myself – there wasn’t anyone else on this mountain trail.

Returning from the bike trip, I got a notice saying that they had a spot open at the teaching site, provided I went there in the next month. I had never been out of North America, but I moved forward, continuing to envision that all would come together. If it works out that’s great and if it doesn’t, that’s ok. Being there would be very inexpensive but the logistics felt complicated to me. I was also fearful about leaving my children and being 7 weeks in a foreign country on my own.

Regardless, I moved forward to make this happen and continued to let things unfold. It took a lot of courage for me. My now ex-husband agreed to keep the children and in 4-6 weeks after I heard that music on the mountain, I was in India. Everything worked out with my visas and the complications of overseas travel planning. I held to my thoughts, my dreams, and they were coming true. I would soon be on that plane.

Everything came together the way that it was supposed to. My biggest concern was that my kids would be so angry at me for leaving them during that time, but something in my heart was telling me that we all needed to know that there was more out there in the world, things that would be inspirational to all of us.

Finally in India, I experienced many remarkable things. An early one was being on the bus, looking at the Indian landscapes going by and how it seemed  so familiar to me, as if from another time.

On my arrival, I was swindled with cab drivers, etc. for the first few days before reaching my destination and I got into some difficult situations. Fortunately, a kind Australian showed up and got me safely where I needed to go. He was quite the experienced traveller, having visited 80 countries. He was just the expert I needed. All was taken care of!

After the experience of India, I was so much more grateful and appreciative of what I have. I also became more trusting of myself and less fearful. At the time, my kids were very angry at my leaving, but even now they still talk about that trip and the stories I brought them. They admire that I went and it shows that they can do things like that themselves someday.

Keep your dreams in your mind and heart. Let it guide you and don’t let go, keep dreaming because there’s always that possibility of your dreams coming true.


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