Planting the Flag: Great Result Without the Fear

Planting the Flag: Great Result Without the Fear

This is an earlier story that bears repeating. it is another form of intention that targets a specific outcome without fear. Planting the flag combines your manifesting thoughts with the surety of your taking physical action, in this case, writing that check. It’s a very powerful combination!

Sophia writes:
I love my car. It is a luxury SUV with a lot of miles on it. I bought it used from someone that really took care of it, taking it to the dealer for every service.

I got it at a good price, so I put more money into having the exterior made perfect at the body shop. That was two years ago and it is a gem, just like new!

Recently, the car began making a new sound when it was running, kind of a put-put, motorboat sound. In the back of my mind, it might mean an engine replacement or having to spend even more money on another car.

The person I bought the car from heard the sound and had the same concerns…. Not good, so we both put off talking about it for a few weeks.

He got back to me with this idea. Take it to the dealer and see what they say. If it means a new engine, he would pick up some of the cost and I would cover the rest, even though that engine replacement would cost in the thousands.

In the Manifesting 123 book, this is called “Planting the Flag.”  What that means is that we are both prepared to write checks to cover what could be a very big expense. We are also manifesting that my SUV will run just fine and a new car will not be required. If the repair bill is large or small, the result will be the same. The bill will be paid and the car will be made good again.

A “flag” has been planted out in the future, symbolizing the desired outcome. Here is the important part: There would not be any negative money concerns that would get in the way of my happy result. Either way, my friend and I are going to pay what it takes. Done. Worries off the table, now move forward.

We could get lucky. The engine seemed to be running fine with full power, so perhaps that put-put is something really simple like a bad connection or sound leak somewhere.

A few days later I made an appointment and dropped my car off at the dealer. They were efficient because in just a few hours I got the news. They explained that this was a high-mileage car and to do an engine replacement with even a used, warranted engine was going to be even more than I expected. Eventually it was going to have to be done if I continued to keep the car. I took a deep breath and considered the thousands of dollars going out.

“Oh, by the way,” he said, “that engine sound was a small problem with the muffler connection. Completely repairing the sound problem would be $150 and the car will be ready for you tomorrow.” That was Fantastic News!!

There was no need to do any engine work until much further down the road. I was much relieved and so was my friend. The small repair expense was a no-brainer – for both of us.…whew!

Looking back, I was much releived once I decided that no matter what, the car repair would be paid. I knew that a good decision had been made and I would move to have the work done right away.

My friend and I were both manifesting that the mechanical problem would be easily solved without a big sacrifice on our part. Our minds were free of any financial fears or reservations. Money would be spent and the repair would be great. It worked out sweet!!!

Planting the flag was a big help!

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