An Extraordinary Seed Story:  A Remarkable Medical Outcome

An Extraordinary Seed Story: A Remarkable Medical Outcome

D. writes:
When we last talked, I told you my doctor found two areas of cancer as tumors. A couple of weeks earlier, they took three or four mammograms and sonograms, discovered the tumors and naturally, I had been worrying about it all that time. So during our call, I asked if you would send me some good energy.

You said you would and then you told me about a recent conversation you had with Judy Goodman regarding the Extraordinary Seed that we can ask God or Source to send to others or ourselves. You had recently written it up in the Manifesting 1,2,3 newsletter and explained it to me. (Here is the complete Extraordinary Seed how-to information in the previous newsletter.)

You told me you would ask for the Extraordinary Seed to be sent to me and when I repeated the words, Extraordinary Seed, reflexively, this little puff of breath came out of my mouth, I had never experienced a reaction like that before.

I had planned an out of town trip and when I returned days later, I had to go in to biopsy on the tumors and determine the type of cancer. For the procedure, I was strapped to the table and the biopsy began when suddenly one of the technicians said, “She doesn’t have a pulse!” I was suddenly feeling very clammy and while looking at the monitor, my blood pressure fell to 28/17. I quickly recovered on the table and after that shakey ordeal, I had to wait for the biopsy results.

Soon after, the doctor got back to me and said the results were quite amazing. Yes, there were tumors but very unusual ones. The tumors had calcifications and were not cancerous. He said it was very rare to see tumors like this and declared that I was all clear!

I just have to tell you how thankful I am and I thank God for what feels like a miracle happened. I feel like you and Judy are a part of it and please pass my thanks onto Judy as well.

Thank you so much D. I am so very glad I had that helpful information from Judy to pass on to you and I am thrilled for your amazing success. Judy and I had our small part to play but the real credit goes to you and the Power beyond us. What a thrilling outcome!


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