Driving the Intention. Don’t Be Late!

Driving the Intention. Don’t Be Late!

Linda writes:
This is one of my favorite manifesting experiences. Several years ago, my intention was to attend an event in Boston to hear Marianne Williamson speak. This was an important thing for me and I drove 3 hours to get there.

This event had a number of other presenters but Marianne was the person I wanted to see. I arrived at her talk late and ended up sitting way in the back where I couldn’t see or hear her well.  It was very disappointing.

That night I had a ticket to see the saxophonist Paul Winter perform at a big concert hall in Boston. I did get there on time for this one. The lights went down and I settled in to watch the performance.

Ten minutes into the show an usher sat a couple next to me. It was Marianne Williamson and a companion! They arrived late and people had taken their assigned seats. I had 2 open seats in my row so the usher sat them next to me.

During the intermission I introduced myself, saying I drove to Boston to see her and how cool it was to meet her at the concert!!

Before the concert I had stopped by a Whole Foods, got a snack and picked up a greeting card that caught my eye at the check out. The card was with me and I asked Marianne if she would autograph it.  She kindly agreed and wrote a sweet message to me.  It was a Helen Keller card that said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

I remember Marianne joking, “I came to Boston to meet you!”

Thank you for allowing me to share. Blessings,

This is a great story that illustrates how manifesting works. Linda’s intention was to attend Marianne’s talk and she magnified that intention by buying a ticket and driving three hours to make it happen. By purchasing the ticket and committing to that long, physical journey, Linda was reinforcing the thought of being in her presence and adding positive emotions along the way. That’s why being in back of the room was such a let down.

We can assume that Linda knew some of Marianne’s material in advance and could roughly follow Marianne’s lecture from the back of the room, but it was the presence of the speaker that was lacking and that was a big part of Linda’s intention.

As it turned out, the two women met in person at a concert and further, a greeting card was in place ready to become a lasting and personal gift from Marianne to Linda.

Sometimes our intentions come to pass in a form and time we didn’t expect, but our repeated, emotionally charged thoughts are building and coming our way.

Don’t forget: Your thoughts can make anything – large or small. Never give up on manifesting!

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