Bringing Home Baby’s Wish List

Bringing Home Baby’s Wish List

Anyone who has ever been responsible to provide for a new offspring or is the relative of an expectant parent, knows it involves multiple, high ticket items.

As a mother involved in shopping for what used to be called a buggy or stroller, I have done some head wagging at the multiple and mind boggling varieties of what are now transportation ‘systems.’ So it was pure happiness to learn that such a system costing anywhere from $500-$1000, had been manifested from a total stranger who happened to be connected my daughter’s pupil at school.

The number two necessity, again with many variations, was the crib. On a trip to a local Sears, we saw that this also required some thought. There is the standard crib or the transformer version that can become a head and foot board with railings. The cost ranged from $200 to $1000 plus, depending on what wood and finishes we preferred.

What a pleasant surprise when a friend of a friend gifted her crib if we would just come pick it up!

A bassinet is handy for those first few months when night feedings are ever present. You can put the infant right inside your bed and not get up for that feeding. Lucky us! We got this as a loaner from another friend along with a well-known device called the Rocker/Glider with a foot rest. It is a necessity for crying and feeding babies.

The baby list is a long one. There are miscellaneous toddler items, such as a jolly jumper, a space flyer, baby gym, swinging chair, high chair and assorted other paraphernalia for occupying the baby when you are busy. Friends had these items in storage so they were freely given to free up their space.

Clothing is another huge outlay. But again, this unborn infant is so provided for that the closet is overrun and two dressers are overstuffed. Thank you dear friends!

When first realized the extent of baby items needed, my daughter was a little taken aback. Then I told her to remember Ken’s book, Manifesting 123 and how she recently manifested her condo and a tenant. She was convinced and got to work on her ‘Movie.’

Sure enough, the cornucopia of all things needed was amply provided.

I’ll be the first to admit its not Ken’s power, or even his ideas really, since he is passing on what he has been taught the last 20 years. But since he wrote the book, we’ll give him some credit. 🙂

We feel ever so grateful to the Source of all things, that is the real power.

And so it is….


The kindness of friends is not unusual…

But the thing that gets our attention is when we hope or wish for an outcome and it happens again and again.

I was so happy that Emily reminded her daughter to resume using Manifesting 123. The daughter had recently experienced great success in manifesting renters for her condo, so she was easily persuaded. Story here

Soon, the daughter’s entire baby list was checked off with dresser drawers bursting.

She successfully manifested the equivalent of a great deal of money. It was as if money grows on trees.

The equivalent of money is a very important thing to understand. Here’s a really good story on the topic.

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Ken Elliott


  1. Emily Donelan Says: June 23, 2014 at 11:53 am

    Anything that doesn’t strike quite the right tone in your story, Ken adjusts. After 20 years practice ‘in the field’, he has what is known in music as perfect pitch. So don’t be afraid to try manifesting even if you haven’t got all the details right. Just send it!

  2. Ken Elliott Says: December 20, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Absolutely! Thank you Emily!!

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