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Suddenly I was happier. Manifesting did it overnight!

From Shelly,
I have read a lot of manifesting books and I have been a real student of this for sometime. One day I was on the web searching for books on the subject and I happened to see Manifesting 1.2,3 and you don’t need #3. The title really caught my eye. The book description said it was simple and reviews seemed to agree.

The book really touched me and I read through it twice because I was fascinated by the simplicity, stories and the description of how our thoughts instantly began to create things. There was something about this book that made it different from the other ones. It was a real window into how manifesting really works – incredibly empowering information.

I wanted more, so I called the author, Ken and arranged a private session. Talking about spiritual matters is not something that comes up much in my circle of friends, nor could I readily find groups of like-minded people in my community.

For some time I have been yearning for a new direction in my life, so by contacting the Ken, I was hoping to get someone that I could talk with openly and set quickly myself on a better path.

We had a great session. Serious work was done but with a light touch. It felt like an earnest conversation with an old friend where you could talk about anything. Afterwards I clearly knew where I wanted to go in my life. I wanted to release those burdens that I have been carrying for so many years. Funny, but after our session I had a clear feeling that what I was hoping for was already done.

The primary part of my plan was to manifest personal health and happy relationships for myself and with my family.

There is no other way to explain what happened but to say so directly. I just woke up happy, very happy. I hadn’t felt that emotion in a very long time and I knew deep down inside that I had been changed. Maybe I would not remain in this elated state every hour of every day going forward, but it was clear to me that I would remain happier than before, regardless.

My colleagues at work noticed it first. My history was that I wasn’t talkative or upbeat with my coworkers and my clients. I work one-on-one with clients all day and I know it’s not good for business to be quiet and withdrawn, but I didn’t feel up for little chatty conversations. There just wasn’t any joy in it for me. It is not the case anymore. I’m more engaged with life and I’m truly happier then I could’ve dreamed possible. Everyone that knows me notices. My business is better as a result too.

A few of days later there was a family gathering at my home that included my mother. She and I have a history of being estranged for years at a time, entangled in a very difficult and contentious relationship. We don’t see each other that often and it’s often strained when we do.

Imagine my surprise when after our dinner, my mother came to me and told me how grateful she was to be there and thanked me for putting the dinner together. I couldn’t have been more surprised!  We hadn’t spoken in a year. This was definitely a miraculous outcome and one that I will make every effort to improve upon.

I’m so grateful to have simply awakened to a happier heart and a closer family. Yes, I did the manifesting work, that I understand. What is remarkable to me is that I’m seeing the resolution of some very serious family dynamics and that I simply became a happier and more grateful person overnight.

Now I just sit and kind of catch myself giggling when I use to sit and cry. Before I was often tired and I would sit at home. It’s incredible how lighthearted, energetic and hopeful I am now.

I have many more things that I am manifesting and I have every confidence that my thoughts truly are creating what I focus on. I’m getting very good at taking care of the worries that used to consume me as well. I feel like an overnight success. I am!



 Is there really a mystery here?

How did this difficult relationship with Shelly’s mom unexpectedly take a favorable turn? Who knows really. It could’ve been any number of reasons but it did come immediately after she was focusing on a solution.

How about Shelly waking up to a happier state? This is not the first time readers have reported sudden, positive changes first thing in the morning. Happiness is one result and others have written that overnight they were handing stress much better than before.

This is what manifesting can do and sometimes these changes come very quickly, even overnight. It is all a direct result of what you are thinking. It’s all in the book and you will learn the real Secret – how your thoughts build things and concepts as you think them. You have been doing this all your life.

From the story page:   An earlier “I Woke up Happier” story

Thank you Shelly for your uplifting story!





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