There is More NOW Than We Might Think

There is More NOW Than We Might Think

In these newsletters the idea that your thoughts create form is oft-mentioned subject. It is true and many of us have successfully experienced that idea in a number of different ways. In the second chapter of Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3, I described how I sent an object in thought to the remarkably gifted Judy Goodman.

We were on the phone, separated by 2000 miles and she described how my thoughts were creating an object not previously known to her in real-time. She then described how it was taking form, within two minutes in the near-physical realm. In the NOW. With her extraordinary giftedness, she could see this object as other gifted people would see deceased relatives. My thought began to be seen by Judy as a ghostly wisp of vapor and then congealing into a recognizable form. I sent her a Daffy Duck and she watched it materialize.

Knowing that your thoughts actually create objects and concepts (less stress, happiness, etc.) is one of the most important things you could possibly know and put to use. Most incredibly, your thoughts can create the future.

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 And now, something more…

When manifesting, a typical phrase might be, “I’m in my future, and in my future…..  and you would insert the specific item you wish to manifest. That would be followed by a list of other things you want to bring into your life such as health, financial security, and more. Some of the items in this list may already be in place for you, in the NOW.

As an example, you may wish to ensure that you will always live comfortably and in a good home. You might manifest something like, “I’m in my future and in my future, I am living very comfortably in my wonderful home and I am so grateful.” For this, you are already quite happy in your very nice home. The idea is that you are specifying that in your future, you want your thoughts to continuing creating that standard or make it even better…all specified for your future. That’s good so far.

Let’s use your thoughts in a more an exacting and powerful way. Recall that when I was sending an object to Judy Goodman, my thoughts started working in the non-physical realm first, and in that realm there is no time as we experience it. As it is known to the thousands that have experienced out-of-body travel, everything there is NOW and thoughts create instantly. In our physical world, thought happens much slower – that’s just the way it is. If I had continued manifesting and sending Judy that object, it would eventually appear in the physical world as the object itself, a song lyric or hundreds of other ways, but the manifesting result would be discernible.

Keep in mind that thoughts are always creating regardless, and that word NOW is very powerful in the non-physical space and to some degree, simultaneously in our physical world. So let’s use every advantage and adjust our manifesting phrase to say something like, “NOW, and in my future, I am living very comfortably in my wonderful home and I am so grateful.” You have just instructed your thoughts to maintain the comfortable idea you currently have NOW and you have specified the continuation of that status with the possibility of even more comfort in your future.

There are other items/wishes in your manifesting list that have not yet occurred and that is why they are listed, but watch for those items that are happily in your present and add the NOW. 

Here’s another example: “I’m in my future and in my future, I am free from stress, and I’m so grateful.” Your history may be one of stress – that’s why you continue to list it, but presently you are just fine. You don’t want those feelings to return, so include and declare that NOW, all is well and going forward, it is not a concern. This is a shade of difference as a phase but much more powerful as thoughts. It sounds like this: “NOW and in my future, I am free from stress, and I’m so grateful.”

Thoughts are active things – words in movements, pure creation. Look over your manifesting list and where applicable, insert and reassert your NOW!


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