Manifesting 123 goes beyond the present knowledge of
manifesting or the law of attraction.

This revolutionary book contains stunning new information and success stories. The author clearly describes how your thoughts take form immediately. This changes everything! And at last, you will have a new tool to directly eliminate worry, preventing the negatives you don't want.

This is THE simple guide and go-to manual in plain language. There are amazing stories in this book, some spectacular. Get this book and start pointing yourself toward happiness! Don't forget, there is a bonus!

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"This is brilliant!"
"His insight and vision contained in his book will change your life forever."
"Ken makes it easy. You stick with it and magic happens! You won’t believe the results!”
“Ken tackles the art of manifesting with a touch of humor and down-to-earth common sense."

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"“I've read hundreds of books on manifesting and really didn't think another would have anything of value in it. I was wrong! Ken speaks of his experiences in a way anyone can understand it. He has some great ideas I haven't heard of before and wonderful information to keep in mind in during your everyday experiences. A wonderful book of great wisdom! “   5 Stars! Pamela (read more)

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