Manifesting for Another: Got it Fixed in Five Days (reprise story)

Manifesting for Another: Got it Fixed in Five Days (reprise story)

Last Sunday, my mom and I were on the way to the theater and the “check engine” light came on in her car. She became very agitated and stressed because she loves the freedom of the open road and suddenly no longer felt safe driving her car. I suggested that we start manifesting a solution. However, she was really too stressed to hear me and simply couldn’t focus on manifesting or anything else other than getting home and parking her car in the garage. So I quietly started to run a “movie” about her car being fixed for an “affordable and reasonable price” by someone reliable so that she would once again feel safe in her car.

On Monday morning I called her and asked what the game plan was for the car. She said she was working on some options. Once again, I quietly ran the “movie”.

On Tuesday afternoon, I asked her what options she had thought of. She had made a list of garages that she was going to call for estimates. I suggested that she should also call the dealership just for a price comparison. As I hung up the phone, I again ran the “movie”.

On Wednesday when I talked to her, she had called 3 garages and the dealership. Surprisingly, the dealership had the best prices and she had booked an appointment for the next morning. As I fell asleep, I ran the “movie” – twice this time just to supercharge it!

Bright and early Thursday morning she had her appointment at the dealership. About 2pm, I received a text message from mom saying that the mechanic had run a complete diagnostic and couldn’t find anything wrong. He reset the onboard computer and the “check engine” light went off. The mechanic also gave her a short list of items that should be checked in the next few months, but nothing that would stop her from driving safely in her car.

As she went to check out with the cashier, they washed and vacuumed her car. When she asked the cashier how much she owed, the cashier told her that the diagnostic fee had been waived and she didn’t owe anything … not one cent!!!

How is that for an “affordable and reasonable price”?!  LOL!!  Thank you, thank you for teaching me how to run the “movie”!!  With enormous gratitude and appreciation,

Can you have influence beyond yourself?

Yes you can. In manifesting anything is possible if you can think it…and here comes the qualifier. You can certainly help yourself but when it comes to directly helping others, your intentions are often less effective. Those that are close to us are within their own walk in life, with the everyday ups and downs for their individual lives. You can’t simply step in and run their 100 yard dash or take their calculus exam. These challenges for for them to learn.

The good news is that you can have influence in the field around yourself and others as well. I can’t know with certainty, but perhaps the engine repair wasn’t mom’s ‘test,’ it was an everyday problem waiting for a solution. The happy result could have been just one of those nice events that come along or perhaps Sandi had some influence in mom’s field.

It’s an encouraging story and as someone said to me after a manifesting success of my own, “Now do you see what you can do?”

Sandi, don’t stop now!

Thank you for your kind words,

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