Lost, in Trouble and Reaching Out with a Prayer

Lost, in Trouble and Reaching Out with a Prayer

Mikaela writes,
I was living in Nashville, Tennessee, making a living as a singer. I was on the road at 6:30pm and it was dark during the rush hour. I had the radio on and this song, Why We Sing from Kirk Franklin came on:

I sing because I’m happy,
I sing because I’m free,
His eye is on the sparrow.
That’s the reason why I sing.

And I’m crying. I’m lost. I have no idea what I’m doing with my life or my career, and all of a sudden, my back left tire pops and goes flat. I got to an underpass and pulled over on the left side of the road near the fast lane. I sat there, feeling very depleted, very beaten and really, really lost.  I had just purchased new tires on my car, but no matter.  What am I going to do? This is before the convenience of cell phones.

I grabbed my keys, kept them in my hands, and decided just to walk up the highway and find a place to run across five lanes of rush hour traffic to get home. I quickly realized that would be impossible, a death wish. My walking path on the side of the highway was very narrow and spooky. It was then I realized that I was trapped in a bad situation.

So I just kept walking and I remember thinking, “Alright, that’s it. Either take me out now or give me some kind of a sign because I can’t do this anymore. Give me a sign. I need a sign that I’m supposed to still be here.”

I kept walking, praying the Lord’s Prayer and watching the red lights of all the cars going by. Then I noticed that the traffic had slowed way down until there were no cars at all. How could that happen? Then a single black pickup truck pulled in next to me and the driver asked, “Do you need a ride?” I accepted and ran around to get in on the passenger side. I was standing in the freeway fast lane and still there were no cars anywhere. It was as if I somehow stepped into an alternate reality.

I got in the pickup and all of a sudden the traffic starts to go zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, back to full speed.

I asked him why he picked me up and he said he saw my keys shining and I said, “Wow, that’s hard to see when you are going that fast. I had on a long black coat that completely covered me. There’s no way anybody could have seen me holding a set of keys, especially going 65-70 miles an hour in the dark.

He said that it looked like I was in trouble. He drove me to my boyfriend’s place nearby and gave me his business card just in case. Then I recognized him, he has billboards all over Nashville because he’s one of the top realtors in the area.

I safely got my car back and the next morning, I called this man and I asked him again why he picked me up. He said, “Well, I’ll be honest with you. I felt someone tapping me on my right shoulder and I heard a voice in my ear that said, ‘She needs help, pick her up.”

The same morning, I got a call from my girlfriend, L. Here’s a bit about her: some time before, she had been in a massive car accident that literally killed her. She had a time when she was literally gone but she came back to life. During that “out time” she went to the other side, the non-physical, spirit realm and found herself walking with Jesus. He told her that he had a beautiful place for her up there if she decided to stay and that he was going to give her the choice to stay because she was such a devout, loving person. He showed her a present vision of what her husband and her little dog were doing at home. They were sitting in the corner of the hallway outside the bedroom door and she got to hear their thoughts and feelings. She decided to stay even though He told her it’s going to be a long, painful recovery.

So back to the morning after being stranded on the highway, L. gave me a call and asked me to come right over because she had a a message for me. L. was still in recovery and I was at her house all the time helping, caring, cleaning, bring food and keeping her company.

So I went over to her house and she explained that she had another visit from Jesus. She had written down all of messages that Jesus had given her to pass onto me including this one. Jesus wanted to ask me this, “Was that a big enough sign for you?” I looked at her and I said, “What are you talking about?”

L. said. “Last night on the highway.” “Well how did you know about last night?” I asked. She said Jesus came to her and explained what happened.

Stopping all of the traffic and finding someone to pick you up took a number of angels to make it possible, He had said. Then He chose the right person, the driver of the vehicle that He had tapped on the shoulder, telling him, ‘She needs help, pick her up.”

I was still not grasping the entire connection at that moment because I was sort of new to this sort of thing, but I realized later that I had manifested Him in my prayer when I asked to either take me out now or to give me a sign. He gave me a sign that He was there and made a second trip to my friend to explain everything, including that He is always watching over me and that He loves me. It was a massive and confirming sign for me, an incredible miracle as a result of my prayer.

It seems like everything was arranged in advance to demonstrate to me that loving spirits and angels are always there to help, you are never alone, and you are being heard. Your prayers are answered.


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