There Are Ups and Downs But There Are Also Gratitudes, Prayers and Manifesting

There Are Ups and Downs But There Are Also Gratitudes, Prayers and Manifesting

L. writes:
Every morning I write down the things that I am thankful and grateful for in my life when I have my morning coffee and oatmeal.

I am very big on gratitude and manifesting! Each day I write down what I am thankful for on a large monthly calendar book called the Smart Daily Planner.

I include people, animals and then the things that I will be doing that day. At the end of the week I look at how I achieved things, asking these questions.  What were the big wins and what more did I need to work on?  I also note the things I am actively manifesting so that later, I can actually go back and tell myself the exact day that all these things occurred. I know it sounds funny, but this process is very useful and encouraging for me… and it works! They have a few quotes in the book to give you encouragement.  I love this quote from John Muir, “The power of imagination makes us infinite.”

As it is for most of us in our lives, not all times are good ones and my husband and I encountered a number of difficult events in November 2021, during the Covid years. 

The first event was the loss of my beloved horse, a long-term companion for over 20 years. He had to be put down and it was an enormous loss for me. His remains are now in an amazing place, just below a beautiful mountain in Colorado.

I carried on, continuing to write in my calendar every day, noting all I was thankful for, past and present but with a new addition. I was also thankful in advance for my new horse that was coming to me.

We were comfortably renting in the area, my husband the writer and myself the artist, two creative people in a beautiful, Colorado setting.

Then unexpectedly, our landlord came to us and said that they are going to sell the house and we would have to move out soon and find a new place to live. The double loss of my horse and our home devastated me. I wanted to get the heck out of there.

We decided to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to be closer to family. We also sensed that the artistic opportunities and culture would work out well for us and we could start over. This all occurred when everybody was just starting to come out of COVID and oh my gosh, the rentals in Santa Fe were being snapped up fast. I mean they would go on the market then be gone the next day. We would fly out, lock down a rental home and then three times in a row on our way back home, someone else would offer more money and we would lose out.

Believe me, I was steadily manifesting a solution to the problem!  We were spending a fortune on traveling back and forth from Colorado to New Mexico. It was on our fourth attempt that we finally found a place online and secured it.  My father lived nearby and prior to our flying out, I had him check out the place.

This owner had a list of people that wanted this rental home but a nice break manifested for us. Turns out my father and the homeowner both worked for similar companies and they hit it off. The landlord let us rent the place, thank you Dad! We left Colorado and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I’m still telling myself every morning that I am prosperity, I am abundance, I am opulence, I am rich, I am successful. I am confidence, I’m happiness, I am power and I’m success. I would thank God every day for these gifts.

After a few months, we had settled into our Santa Fe home.  I was out walking my dog along some rolling hills when a call came in. It was from my lawyer. He was representing me after a big accident.  It was a serious one and I had been hospitalized for a time. I received some accident compensation at the time but after so many years had passed, it was not something I often thought about or expected much more from. The good news was that my lawyer had another settlement check for me in the amount of $21,000! That was a wonderful surprise and it made my next manifestation possible. I contacted a wonderful horse trainer, the lady who helped me get my first horse. She was tickled pink when I requested her help me get my second one.

We started going through all these different horses and locations and in the end, we ended up going out to Northern California near San Francisco. I now had the money to fly us both out, pay her fee and all of our expenses. On the trip we found a great horse and arranged to have it tested in a PPE test, a pre-purchase exam that included expensive vet and lab fees.

I told myself, I have to get a really good deal on this horse because it’s gonna be tight financially. It turns out the horse didn’t pass his PPE and the vet recommended that I find a different horse. I said, “No, I like this horse. There’s something special about him.” I offered $4000 less than the asking price and my offer was accepted. The beautiful horse was now mine! Further, the savings allowed me a whole year’s worth of boarding that would cover everything, including a local vet that looked the horse over and assured me that there’s nothing wrong with it.

I learned something later about the vet that didn’t originally pass the horse. She doesn’t pass most horses and as a result of that exam, my lower offer was accepted. So, I ended up getting everything paid for, including those 12 months of stable fees set aside…amazing!

I truly believe that my good fortune came from the manifesting and prayer process that I have been engaged in for many years now. 

Thank you for passing my story on. I hope it’s helpful and inspiring!


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