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Ken Elliott has a great idea, easy to implement and I’m having fun playing with the concept(s) he introduced in this book. Well worth the purchase!


Wonderful little book that is clear and powerful. If you want to change your life in a positive way, then I would suggest trying the ideas in this book. It is a fun read, also.


I totally love this book! I have read many books on the Law of Attraction, but Ken explains it in easy, simple steps that I am now using on a daily basis and seeing results! He knows how to use manifestation and shares it with the world.


Easy to read and understand. I have read similar books but this one rings the truest. Could not put it down!!! Definitely recommend for everyone ! So positive. My outlook is forever changed and will incorporate as the path I wish to follow. Brings an inner peace that makes each day brighter. Now I’m a “Movie” fan! Thanks Ken


Thank you Ken. An interesting new angle to approach the law of attraction from. I highly recommend this book.


I have to admit I was a bit skeptical… it all seemed too simple. But day after day I continue to be amazed and grateful for the good things happening in my life – and all I have to do is think of them. Get the book. Its the best $10 (download version) you’ll spend.


I continue down the same path everyday, manifesting as the book says. Even more stuff has come to fore. I swear to heaven it is like magic…except it is as real as you are willing to make it.”

BobBusiness entrepreneur

Just read your book, Ken. One of the best I’ve read on manifesting…thank you!

Candy D.

I love, love, love your book. I finally got around to ordering a few and reading it. It is a beautiful book physically, and your words are so amazing. I’m giving copies to friends.

Patti P

I have been following others for some time, but did not get the true picture.
I have read and seen the movie The Secret, but didn’t gain understanding on how to proceed.
I am a photographer at heart and I really needed to get a clear picture.
Thank you so much for ‘painting the perfect picture’ with words that I can understand.”

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