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I LOVE your stories….so empowering to know you can use the science of manifesting through intention. Brilliant.


While I don’t yet have my own story to share, I wanted to share how I look forward to getting your newsletters. So much so that it always brightens my day to see them in my inbox! I think it’s because I love reading everyone’s great success stories, which gives me hope.

Sue A.

My mom continued to ask me to read your book. About two months ago I finally picked up your book and hours later, I couldn’t put it down! I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to read your book. The next morning I couldn’t wait to make my “movie” and I began manifesting immediately. It didn’t take long – because of so much good that resulted, my stories were quickly used in your newsletter!
Thank you,


I am writing with much gratitude for being in my life and enriching it with your book. My “future” life is much clearer now. I’m happy, healthy, smiling and there are many people to share it with. As a result, my “future,” perfect life has slipped into my present life quite a bit.


Ken lays out a difficult woo-woo subject (to many) in an understandable way.

Manifesting works, the Movie is easy for anyone and the rewards are some of the best you will ever experience, materialistic or not.


I could not slow down and take a break when reading this book. It’s a page turner.

Kenny BrixleyBusiness & Life Coach, Radio Show Host, Author

The author’s technique is “The Secret” on steroids!

Deborah DachingerDare to Dream radio

I’ve been into the Law of Attraction for a few years now. When I first saw the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne, I felt that I already knew this. I’ve had some success with the law of attraction as they present it, but limited overall. One day I was reading comments at the end of someone’s art blog and someone recommended your book to another artist. I immediately went to Amazon and downloaded the Manifesting 123 e-book. I like how simply you explained the manifesting process. So many have made it sound so complicated. The book went further and described how anyone’s thoughts actually build things. That is new and valuable information and it made manifesting all so very clear.


Thanks for your contribution with sharing Manifesting 123. You’re a gift to the planet.


Great book on Manifesting, Revolutionary new information on Manifesting using the Law of Attraction. I found the techniques very easy to use and I’ve been getting results. I recommend this book to everyone.

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