The Little Cafe That Could with Impeccable Timing on the Menu

The Little Cafe That Could with Impeccable Timing on the Menu

I recently opened a café in Santa Fe on Canyon Road, a well-known street lined with galleries. It has been a dream of mine to do just this and in this very location for a very long time.

The Café Canyon is down below the street level, a real respite under the trees and umbrellas, away from the cars and pedestrians but no one had ever used this little, vacant space. I walked by it for 23 years always thinking, well what if I …

It was in Santa Fe where I met my wife, Dominique in 2000. We married and I took her away for a time, and in some of those years, Dominique was running her gallery on Canyon Rd. I was commuting back and forth to Santa Fe while running some very big restaurants during those years in Florida: Miami, Naples, Sarasota and another near Dallas, Texas. These were big operations, $8 – $10 million a year restaurants.

I every time I was back with Dominique on Canyon Road I always thought about that small, unused spot that could be perfect for a small cafe but I never was ready… until recently. 

A few years ago, Dominique closed her gallery and we lived together in Florida for a time, but Santa Fe called us back. We came back two years ago and not long after, the little location for my café dream came available. I began to seriously look the space over and believe it or not, one guy got it zoned for a coffee shop 15 years ago but he never acted on it. Now it was meant to be, as if it had been waiting for me all those years, undeveloped.

This café came together in a magical way. All those many years I envisioned it in my head. I saw it. ..I saw exactly what this place was. I saw the evolution of it. I saw getting the tables and chairs, selecting the menu and a bar with beer and wine and now, everything has remarkably fallen into place. The café has exactly what people going up and down Canyon are looking for. Just really good wholesome food, little drinks, little menu, you know and everything’s quality and relaxing, a little oasis below the street level.

I don’t see my retirement yet, so this is the perfect spot until then. I love this business and it has to be that way because if you don’t, it’ll drive you insane. I’m happy meeting the customers that come in from all over the country and I’m fine with waiting tables, talking orders, cleaning, the whole bit. I’m enjoying myself.

I have your manifesting book and all those years before I was aware of it, I think that’s what I was clearly doing, manifesting. I kept thinking about this café idea, not being able to keep my mind off of it. It wasn’t a formal manifesting thing, but I was often visualizing the café concept and saw what could happen, just like the book recommends.

And there is more but that’s for another time. I’ll just say for now that my little cafe came with a very nice bonus. On the same day last week, my daughter and son-in-law, Claudia and Tim, opened a new gallery next door to Canyon Cafe and my wife Dominique had her gallery grand opening directly across the street on the same day! She had kept a gallery presence on Canyon Road for many years and she is now back in a large gallery space that she was in 30 years ago. How could all of that come about this way? What timing to bring us all together like that.

Oh, and there are also the 3 very young grandkids that we often carry between our three businesses, all of us nestled right together on Canyon Road, and on it goes….

We are all visualizing and creating more dreams to come true. 

Please visit us!
Café Canyon
Dominique Boisjoli Fine Art
Loudhorse Gallery


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