Can I Manifest Something and Then Change My Mind for Happiness Sake?

Can I Manifest Something and Then Change My Mind for Happiness Sake?

Tim writes:
In 2016 I had spent a lot of time in Africa, resulting in my being afflicted with a parasite for a time. I had to stop performing after 7 years and it gave me a lot of time to relax and find out who I was as a person without the performing arts career. The arts were a big part of my life and I realized that most of my friendships were from that field and particularly around singing.

I recall the day being in my bedroom and coming to the realization that I didn’t want to be known as a singer, that I just wanted to be known as a human. It was an aspirational thought but I soon regretted saying it. I put it this way and said it out loud, “I never want to sing again.” That statement, that command, ended my singing career. I stopped performing but the time off did help me find out who I was without the acclaim of others.

Many years later, in December 2023, I decided that singing was a valuable gift and a worthy part of who I am. I wanted to sing again, so I began to manifest that outcome in my meditations while also taking action, singing periodically in Sunday morning church settings – a good start.

I also decided that regardless, I was going to perform again, regardless of genre, regardless of platform, regardless of what people would think of me, or record deals, or anything. It was during this time that I happened to hear a short take of Mikaela Rae singing and it was inspiring. She is a Jazz vocalist but her true love is Gospel.

I’ve done pop dance, indie, folk, rock, metal… just about everything. I had never done Gospel but now I was inspired to do so. Once I began singing Gospel, the realization came that I had found my voice again.

About those lyrics…Gospel comes out of a place of pain but it’s also singing of joy and suffering. It made me think about slavery, African Americans being punished for no reason and the strong spirit that came out of their songs. They are songs of hope, gratitude and freedom, timeless expressions that ring true for every generation.

By singing these songs, I live them to a degree. It has changed the way that I think, the way that I act, and the way I live my life on a daily basis. Clearly I had been asking and manifesting to sing but surprisingly, I was gifted much more.

I wanted to pass along this good demonstration of what our words and thoughts can do.

Thank you,

Her music is in pre-release but you can preview some of Mikaela Rae’s vocals here.


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