A Micro Tale of Two Sisters

A Micro Tale of Two Sisters

Charlie sent me this short story of two worldly sisters. They have essentially the same history, having lived in Paris, Southern California, and N.Y. City. One of the sisters, S., is more conservative and by comparison, the second sister, W., looks more loosey-goosey, as some have said.

They both live happily, but very different lives.

The second sister keeps a vision board going and is consciously manifesting things in her life. When S. came to visit her sister’s house, she noticed something new, pictures of items on a vision board that W. had made. Among the items on the board was a microwave.

S. asked, “What are you doing with this?” Her sister explained that she is manifesting a microwave and went on to explain how a vision board fits into that idea of creating the things she desires.

“Why don’t you just go out and buy one now?” S. asked. W. explained that finances were a bit of a problem at the moment, so she will manifest a microwave and she went on to explain that she has been successful in the past with this.

Being practical and generous, S. said, “I’ll just buy you one right now and you won’t have to do this vision board business.” 

The other sister went into complete joy and shouted, “It worked, it worked, it worked!”

S. didn’t quite see it that way, but she did buy her sister the microwave and they both continue to live happily and yes, they are different, each in their own, positive ways.

Thank you, Charlie for this manifesting and gifting story for the Season.


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