Does Fate Exist? Here’s One of Those Stories

Does Fate Exist? Here’s One of Those Stories

My friend Michael just told me an interesting story and it made me consider how some things in our lives seem to be fated. I have experienced a number of events and wonderful people early in my life that led me to becoming an artist and writer. These influential events happened outside my interests at the time and to my knowledge, I wasn’t actively manifesting that path. I have often thought about my story as a fated one but I don’t have any answers.

On that note, perhaps Michael was a part of a young boy’s destiny. Here’s his story.

A week or so ago, I was in a text exchange with a former photo assistant, Wynn. He had worked with me in the 80’s and early 90’s and although he lives in Omaha now, we have stayed in touch. He mentioned that he had been meaning to bring me up to date on something.

I was an active private pilot back then and we went to some out of the way photo shoots utilizing aircraft, exotic work destinations like Ft. Stockton, TX., and Houma, LA. Wynn asked if I remembered taking him and a young boy up for a flight. The child, J., was about 8, and was the son of his neighbor, a single mom. Wynn had taken the boy “under his wing.” He said the boy was interested in aviation but had some fear issues. Wynn contacted me about the boy and asked if I would take the two of them up in my plane.

Wynn continued: “It was the first step getting him over his anxiety issues going on at the time and that was the first small craft flight for him. I remember the details well and that was the reason I wanted him to go. During that flight, J. would lean the other way when you turned and rolled. He didn’t like the slight G-force and motion. As it turns out, that flight began the process of him realizing he had control over his fears.”

“J is 41 now and the highest flight-hour F22 Raptor pilot in the Air Force. He piloted one of the four F22s in the aircrafts first operational mission. So you had one of the earliest rolls in his distinguished career.”

I do remember the boy and that day. I was gobsmacked, as The Brits would say, and that is putting it lightly. I was totally floored. Later, Wynn contacted the “child,” J, now 41, and put the two of us together on email.

Here are some excerpts from J’s letter: “So cool to hear from you! Well first off, a big thank you for cultivating my interest in flying. Wynn was like a dad to me growing up, and I deeply appreciate him nurturing my fascination with flying…and in turn, really appreciate people like you that took the time to share that passion with me. It certainly had lifelong impacts, that’s for sure. I appreciate you sharing your flying journey as well. As you know, it’s a relatively small community that still passes the knowledge and experience on to the next, young generation. Really cool to know that lineage.”

J. continued, “The stories go on and on. Thankfully, the memories are etched in my brain. It would be hard to forget seeing the aurora borealis from 60K feet and Mach 2 on night vision goggles. It’s been quite the ride. So thank you!!”

So there you go. I know teachers have stories like this, but I was totally unaware for 34 years of the result of sharing my love of flying with a little boy, a flight that led to his career. That’s a picture of J. attached in his F22 “getting gas.” I think he definitely overcame his fears, don’t you?

Thank you Wynn and J.!

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  1. Interesting story. I love how you exhibited how to overcome fear.

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