For Your Happy New Year!

For Your Happy New Year!

Each of us has lived through 8,765 hours and if we averaged 7 hours of sleep each night, then we were awake 6,205 of those hours last year. A lot can be made of that fact, but it certainly  spells opportunity.

Somewhere along the way are the opportunities to be: 
Of love and not fear
More generous to ourselves

There is also ample opportunity for us to use our gifts of prayer and manifesting not just for ourselves, but for others and for the world. In those thousands of hours given to us this year we can use some of those bits of idle time to ask for and create small and so-called impossible things as individuals and for the Many.

Resolution ideas abound this time of year so instead, I would like to offer some personal tools for our precious days ahead:

  • As Judy Goodman likes to say, “Before your feet hit the ground in the morning, say seven grateful things.”
  • And she also offers, “Act now as if you are in the place that you want to be.

Both of those statements are very powerful. The first clears the mind and the energetic space around us. The second builds something very positive and desirable without detail or limits.

For each of us and the world, let’s create something better than we would hope to dream of or ask for.


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