I Created the View I Had Been Longing For!

I Created the View I Had Been Longing For!

Sue writes:
Many years ago, I had a small bungalow in a nice Denver metro neighborhood. I lived there comfortably but it came to a point in my life where I decided I needed a big change.

I wanted to be an artist and I wanted to live in the country.

At the time, I had a fashion design business but that was not going to take me where I needed to go, so I sold it. That was a brave thing to do, but necessary to clear a path to my heart’s desires. That being done, I set up to paint and began my path as a full-time artist.

The first painting that I did was from my tiny bungalow kitchen. It was a trompe-l’œil (a realist painting that tricks the eye.) It was a painting in a window frame of a country view, what I really wanted to see when I looked out. This would be the window view from my future house – not the side of my neighbor’s house.

Now 25 years later I have a successful career as an artist. Did I tell you that artists are an observant bunch? Not always, apparently. Just last week, I had a client to my home studio in the country south of Denver. Yes, I got my country house… and my client looked at that first trompe-l’œil window painting I had hanging in the studio. Then she turned and looked out my real window and said “Oh, this painting is of your view out the window?”

I looked, and what do you know, the picture that I painted 25 years ago has become my real-life view. The first painting to launch my art career did just that and the scene in the painting, the view I desired so many years ago, came to be. Together, we looked out the window and took in that beautiful scene.

With that realization came a rush of gratitude for my home and a thankfulness for so much more. 

Ken came by to visit a few days after and asked if I had any new manifesting stories. Matter of fact, I did!

View Sue Bell’s artworks here

Sue’s trompe-l’œil window painting


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Photo credit: Sue’s current window view and Manifesting 123 on Pinterest

Ken Elliott

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