I Opened the Door and Received a Reassuring Answer

I Opened the Door and Received a Reassuring Answer

Yesterday morning I was at home in my favorite place with my piano and harp when I heard my Grandmother’s voice. She had passed in 1984. I couldn’t see her but I could clearly hear her. She said, “Wear my bracelet today.” I was going paint later on some artworks I had started and I answered back that I might get paint on her bracelet.

Apparently, that didn’t matter and she clearly spoke again and said, “I want you to paint an Indian paintbrush and put it on your wall. And I want you to remember to take care of yourself.” That was it.

When I was 8, I wanted a hippie name. My friend’s name was Rainbow and another girl was named Star. I asked my Grandmother about my having a hippie name. Grandmother was Canadian Indian and she told that I could use the name Little Flower and that was the Indian name she had given me. She often used that name when we were together and she later explained that she had named me Little Flower after the flower on the Indian paintbrush plant.

I looked up the symbolism for the Indian paintbrush and it was about being confident when making bold decisions. There were other meanings like beauty in the desert and the most brilliant flower, etc., but it was the notion of being confident and bold that rang with me.

Going back to hearing Grandmother’s voice and how much meaning the Indian paintbrush carried, I knew that I didn’t make this up in my head, but really did clearly hear her voice and the request to wear her bracelet, to paint the flower and to take care of myself.

There is more to this…
The day before this all happened, I went to Ken’s house to take art lessons. It was a fun, informative and a fulfilling day. Ken made mention of manifesting and at the end of the day, he gave me a book. That night I read the chapter, “The Rose and the Duck” where Ken explains how he was creating items with his thoughts and sending them to Judy Goodman at a distance of over 2000 miles away. Judy is very gifted and could see those items appear in the non-physical realm. The book explained this very exciting concept and that we are continually creating with our thoughts, even if we are unaware of what is happening.

Prior to attending the art class, I told myself that I would get everything I could out of that art workshop. I am typically the ‘open’ type, but I never encountered an experience like the one with my Grandmother’s voice. It makes me wonder if my willingness to learn was a catalyst. Yes, there was art immersion in the class but there was also the unexpected conversations about manifesting and spiritual phenomena that I was comfortable with.

 So, it was the next morning when I heard Grandmother’s voice.

In relaying this story back to Ken, I saw that clearly, I had made the intention to be open to new things and to expand myself. It didn’t take long to receive the marvelous gift of my Grandmother’s voice and her specific requests and advice.

The advice was timely because I put everyone before myself. I am in service to my family foremost but I do want to make additional time to create and paint more. As to making the Indian paintbrush painting, I clearly feel that it is not for selling, but to hang on my wall as a reminder of all that has transpired. She wants me to paint an INDIAN – PAINTBRUSH. How very literal of her… she wants me to paint and has commissioned a subject loaded with meaning!

I am so glad I opened myself to new things and came across the Manifesting 1,2,3 book! There will be more good things to come.

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