I Was in a Fix For a Place to Live and My Manifesting Fixed It!

I Was in a Fix For a Place to Live and My Manifesting Fixed It!

W. writes:
I’ve had many thoughts these last few months as my life changed significantly on all fronts; mentally, physically, financially and to some degree spiritually. I read Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 repeatedly and each time, discovered new tidbits of wisdom and kernels of truth I previously missed.

Each major milestone of this new life, which included moving after 18 years, selling my home, changing jobs due to COVID, experiencing a significant change in income and trying to figure out my next move brought anxiety. My friend Ken constantly talked me through the realities of these feelings and cemented the positive ways to wade through the experiences.

As some things started to get better, other elements of this time of life seemed to be getting much worse. One of those things was figuring out my next living arrangement. After 18 years in one place, I had no direction. I was in such a state of fluidity, that I was sure I needed something temporary, economical and move-in ready without any hassles. I was open to locations but centered on Las Vegas, Atlanta, or Sacramento. I voiced this several times and asked Spirit to keep me still and keep me turned toward the light. As I learned in the book, I kept my movie rolling that I was safe and in a new home and in a place where I could work, re-energize and move my life forward.

Months went by and then one day out of the blue…now we know there’s no such thing, a friend called me who lives in California and informed me that she and her husband had just bought an investment property….yes, in Las Vegas. She nonchalantly asked me if I might be interested. Little did she know that when she called me, I happened to be in Las Vegas on business. When I told her, she said, “No Way!”  She then said she was flying in later that day and could show me the property as they were closing on it in 2 weeks.

She picked me up upon her arrival to Las Vegas. We drove to a beautiful, quiet gated community in North Las Vegas. I comes with a golf course and swimming pool and…wait for it….walking distance to Trader Joe’s.

The price was more than right and I signed the lease for 1 year with no hassle, no first and last month…none of the usual expenses for this perfect home.When I told Ken, he said…Of course that happened, and after the cool response, we both went crazy over the good news!

Yes, of course that happened and I am grateful for the journey and the continuing chapters of these new experiences, Manifesting 1, 2, 3 and beyond.  What a journey!


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