I Was Thinking of an Object and Surprise, It Appeared!

I Was Thinking of an Object and Surprise, It Appeared!

Our imaginations are more powerful than we may think. Imagining is a thought process and thoughts actually create form and concepts. A thought can manifest as an object or as a reduction in stress, for example. In this story a preconceived form mysteriously appeared. It could have arrived in a variety of understandable ways, but it showed up just the same. Remarkable!

Marian writes:
I’ve been taking ongoing pottery classes in a studio up in Sunshine Canyon, North of Boulder for the last five years. A few weeks ago, a clay mask I had created on top of a curved mold blew up in the kiln. All that was left were the features. I saved the eyes, nose and mouth and glazed them.

My exploding mask was unusual because my items never blow up in the kiln. My teacher had placed my damp mask into the kiln with other items by mistake. Because the kiln setting was not for damp clay, my piece exploded.

Seeing my project in pieces, I started to toss it out, but it seemed to call out to save what was salvageable. I saved both eyes, nose and mouth and lovingly glazed them.

I often imagine painting, clay work and other art forms while in meditation. In my mind, I’m experimenting with them in great detail. In the case of my broken mask, I came up with a great way to let those broken features “live“ in a new form, the solution being that I could glue them onto a smooth, blank mask mold. Each time I revisited the idea my excitement grew.

Since I hadn’t made it to the studio in a few weeks my teacher called me to ask, ”I have this smooth blank mask mold on your desk. Do you know where it came from? I asked all the students here and none of them made it.“

Well, that was a welcome surprise. I told her to just fire it and I would glaze it next time because I had something in mind for it, but where did it come from? It was exactly the object I was seeing in my meditation.

When I got to the studio, it was a bit of a thrill to see that smooth mask waiting for me. I added the pieces from the first mask, applied the colored glazes and put the new assembly back into the kiln.

Everything made it through the next firing just fine and just as I had imagined it!

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Photo credit: Marian’s face mask and Manifesting123 on Pinterest

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