Important. Add the NOW to Your Manifesting Practice

Important. Add the NOW to Your Manifesting Practice

I have a lot of fellow artist friends and some of them steadily manifest things in their lives. Earlier in the year, I was talking with one of them about getting more sales and at the least, steady sales without the big gaps between purchases.

We discussed how our thoughts create form and outcomes and all of the ideas in the book, when the topic of timing came into the conversation. That is, when do our thoughts typically make this happen and what would be the best approach? The timing is all over the place, by the way, but read on for an idea with positive outcomes regarding our thoughts and timing.

That discussion took me back years before to a conversation with William Buhlman. He is the premier out-of-body author and the first person that described to me how he saw our thoughts take form in the non-physical realms.

He observed that in his out-of-body travels, there is no time as we perceive it, that everything is in the NOW. The past, present and future is all now. This is commonly known and agreed upon by many others, including Judy Goodman who is much quoted in the book, all familiar visitors to the non-physical dimensions.  I can’t wrap my head around it, since our physical experience is limited to three dimensions plus time, but to our non-physical consciousness, this is the norm.

Moving forward, here are the basic manifesting instructions in the book: One imagines themselves in a future of their own making where the things they desire have already happened, and then they express their gratitude for that result.

Your repetitive thoughts will begin to create that very outcome in the non-physical realm, which is also the place of NOW. Hmmm…. Understanding this now concept could advantage our potential for manifesting, so with that realization, we put a little something else into our plan for more and consistent art sales.

First, we continued our manifesting regimen where each day we visualized a future where those sales and our artistic success had been achieved. Now for the new part. We allowed that when we happened to think about a painting sale, we would say to ourselves, “A painting just sold,” or “A painting is about to sell.” This is not an everyday regimen, as we allow it to come up organically and without pressure. It has a slight sense of casual mastery to it…”Oh yes, and a painting just sold today,” a simple observation.

For myself, it felt like a small, psychic knowing on a few occasions but most of the time my mind would just stray to that idea and I would make the “sold or about to sell statement,’ in an almost unconcerned way. Much like picking up a common tool like a pencil to use, “Oh yes, I’ll get a pencil for that and it will work every time,” kind of light effort.

So what happened? Sales happened and successfully most of the time. We would think to make the statement and we might think to repeat it 2-3 times in the course of a week, not bearing down on it, and a sale in progress would reveal itself or a final transaction would soon occur.

This has been going on since late February of this year and it has been remarkable to observe. Have I personally had successes with this? Yes, many times since I added this idea to my own manifesting practice and it is coming hot out of the oven for you.

I hope to hear about your successes with this additional approach very soon! 


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