Intentions Are So Powerful – Success!  (and the resulting wall accessories came out nicely too)

Intentions Are So Powerful – Success!  (and the resulting wall accessories came out nicely too)

Mary is a dear friend and artist. I asked her today if she had a manifesting story to share and she surprised me with this. It’s a great example of making an intention, staying with it, and making it work. I have always admired her art, diligence and success. Here’s how…

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Mary writes:
I’ve always been an artist ever since I was a kid, drawing pictures as kids do and never thought I would be anything else but an artist. Out of high school, I continued my education and got a two-year degree in commercial art. It was just right for me and I worked in the advertising field for 20 years. I began as a graphic artist, up to an art director and then became a creative director.

I had my son later in life, took a little time off and continued to freelance with every intention of going back to the corporate world. Then other ideas and options began to come to mind – what kind of career would I really want and how would I like my husband and I to live.

That’s where this dreamy idea started, of living in a home full of original art. I was very firm on that and it would come up from time to time. I also made the big decision of rather than going the corporate route, I would become a well-respected artist.

What to do? I just jumped right into something that had a lot of interest for me, sculpting and painting wood in small and large scales. I have worked hard at this and fortunately, I have been commissioned to do even larger outdoor public works using a variety of materials including metal and glass.

Making large-scale, painted wood assemblages and public works is difficult and the process can be tiring. Wanting to try another artistic medium, I attended one of Ken’s painting workshops seven years ago and made my first painting. It was a seriously large, 40 x 40 inch abstract on canvas. I was launched as a painter!

Since that time, I am still painting and continue to sculpt, having completed a number of large, public sculpture projects. I have made friends with many other artists along the way and guess what? Now I have a house full of original art, two-thirds that I created and the rest from other artists.

My artistic intentions from years ago have happened! That intention was always on my mind and I stayed with it, grateful that the successes continue to follow. It’s work, but it’s the career I chose and love.

Looking back, I still remember the moment when I came to the realization that my entire home was filled with original art, just as I dreamed! That was a remarkable feeling to see and know that it had all come true.
Mary Williams

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