Manifesting My Golden Path

Manifesting My Golden Path

M. shows the way to manifest simply, with her heart and against the odds, the was cared for as she moved from one employment to another.  These are times of great opportunity and manifesting your future is the go-to tool for creating favorable outcomes regardless despite the dark clouds overhead.

Some months ago, I lost a very good job at a gallery but I was fortunate, my salary was covered for a year, a remarkable outcome. I did manifest that job some time ago as well as the idea that I would always be employed. In this case, my long-term severance was the equivalent of employment.

Since I had the time to find my next employment, I specified that I would do well by doing good for others. 

Subsequent to these things, I developed a hip pain and I was very averse to taking opioids or other drugs on a continuous basis. I did try a cheap, low-grade CBD but it gave me a headache and I stopped using it.

The CBD did lead me to seek a job opening with one of the most well-reviewed and ethical manufacturers and retailers in the country and I sent in my application. The company gave me a free CBD sample after my interview and to my surprise, it worked amazingly well. My pain was gone in 4 days without any side effects. This was a company and product I would be very interested in selling because I know that it would help people.

The company got back to me and offered me very good terms with good sales commissions. Sales are something I’m very good at provided I believe in the product and again, if my work does well for others. We were a great match.

Once I began work, I noticed some frictions at the office with other staffers but I didn’t let it affect my work. I had to detach myself emotionally during work hours but after work, I would get in my car, drive with the windows open and let all of that negativity blow out – they can’t touch me. That was my healthy intention and it worked wonders… quickly too!

In a short time, there was a big restructuring at the company and my sales record really stood out. Those causing the frictions were let go. What I had been manifesting was “A golden path for me and my company and that I would be in a kind and compassionate workplace.” My

My positive attitude and sales record were rewarded with more sales opportunities, working from home privileges (before the virus broke) AND a March sales bonus!

All the while, I was careful to take the advice from the book, leave out the detail and manifest a future in broad terms. Everything turned out better than I could have planned. Once you put your intention out there, it’s important to feel that success and to keep the intention simple, avoiding needless detail.

Did I say how grateful I am?

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