Manifesting the Answer to “What is it I am here to do?”

Manifesting the Answer to “What is it I am here to do?”

Ken writes:
As a writer and full-time artist, I sometimes see those worlds combine. Last weekend I was teaching art classes for three days and during some of our off-time, topics like manifesting were discussed.

On the first morning of the art class, one of the participants, N, sat down with us at breakfast and told us about a very unusual thing that had just happened to her. As she was getting ready for the day, she looked in the mirror and saw that she looked much younger, like a 40-year-old. She was very surprised, as we all were!

The next morning, the phenomena repeated itself as she once again saw herself in the mirror. This time she looked like a 20 something! It was absolutely stunning. We were were puzzled about the meaning of this, especially since it happened two mornings in a row. I asked her what she thought this meant. She told me that as a girl growing up, her parents were pretty strict and put a lot of pressure on her to succeed. They weren’t very supportive, thinking that pushing her to success would be the best thing for her. It left her with feelings of inadequacy and a lack of self-confidence.

When she looked in the mirror and saw her younger self, the thought that came to her that she was perfect and that feeling was repeated again on the second day.

Inserting a little humor into her experience, I offered that perhaps the message was delivered in a way that was, “In her face!” Maybe there was something else, another possible answer that had been nagging at me for some time.

Three months earlier, I was at the grocery store at the self-check out, picking up some things including a bottle of wine. I lifted the bottle to get the attention of the clerk nearby, a young man in his 20s, and he came over to enter a checkout code validating that I was over 21.

He looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, but we have to check everyone’s ID.” That’s understandable, but he said it a slightly strange way and then asked me for my driver’s license. No one has ever done that in the store before and I thought that was odd because I am obviously older than 21 with an abundance of convincing gray hair. Once I gave him my license, he held it up, even with my face and looked back-and-forth between the license and me two or three times with a puzzled look. He said, “You don’t look like your ID photo. You look much younger.”

I thought he was joking, but the entire time he was very serious…how strange.

With his back to me, he entered my birthday onto the screen. remarking again about how differently I looked compared to the age indicated on my license. Handing the license back and with a puzzled look, he repeated how very much younger I looked. I really didn’t understand what was going on but continued to finish my checkout. I have picked up a lot of interesting stories, but I couldn’t relate what was happening to anything I had heard before.

As I was leaving, I went over to him to simply said thank you. He looked right into me, smiled and said, “Whatever it is, you’re doing, you keep doing it. OK?” I left completely confused.

Coming back to our second morning when were discussing N’s puzzling experiences, I noted that everyone at our table is very kind and helpful to others. Then I relayed my strange occurrence at the grocery. All this time I hadn’t been able to understand what had happened there. What was going on with the clerk that he could only see me as a younger man? What was that all about? Now I felt the answer had presented itself.

Every day I’m manifesting to do what I’m here to do, something very important to me and most of us have a strong desire to know what that might be. They often ask, “How can I know what is it I’m supposed to do and to accomplish that in this lifetime?”

For many of us who make the effort to be helpful to others, perhaps this is the answer. After 2-3 months, the words of the clerk had been imprinted into my brain and now N’s story and mine combined to provide a more complete answer to our puzzling experiences. I feel it applies to many of us going along, doing those small acts of kindness. Perhaps many of us wanting to know our purpose received our answer from the clerk what is somehow influenced to see something unreal, and to repeatedly comment on what he was seeing. It may be that this nicely choreographed story, delivered at two different times, in two different ways, and to two different people, has the answer that we seek. As it was for N and I, perhaps the answer has now been delivered to you as well, all that you need, gently delivered and in your face as it was with us. Is this what you have been asking for?

“Whatever it is you’re doing, you keep doing it. OK?”

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