Manifesting the Dreams of a Child

Manifesting the Dreams of a Child

Helga was singularly focused on her dream career from a very early age. On hundreds of occasions and over many years she was repeating the same idea. She wasn’t doing ‘formal’ manifesting but her repetitive thoughts were building what she desired. Her story describes how the thing we seek will sometimes meet us halfway. She did her part, beginning her training and then, what she desired came to her in an unexpected way.

Helga writes,
My dad took us kids to see Fantasia, the Disney movie, when I was around 7 years old. I fell in love! The music, the colours, the animation… all spellbinding. I was smitten and knew that’s what I wanted to do from then on.

At 18 or so, I was enrolled in a London art school. Although I liked it, I just didn’t “find” myself there. Something was missing. At the end of the first year, we all had to leave our portfolios for assessment and I hauled my huge portfolio to the school and would have to pick it up the following day and bring it back home.

The next day I picked up the portfolio and started back home. The journey was a long tube ride from the East part of London to the West part. I normally had to change trains halfway. On this day, I was in a mood. I didn’t want to be around people. I wanted to be alone with my down mood!

So on this day and this day only, I changed at another station knowing it would be mostly empty. I only saw this one guy, sweeping the platform. The next train was due in 8 minutes. Good. No one around. I propped my heavy portfolio up against the wall and wandered down the platform, looking at the advertising posters. I turned to go back and saw the sweeper stooping over my portfolio, turning it and inspecting it. Duh, I thought, irritated, and hurried towards him. I apologized about my leaving it there.

“I know” said the guy, “Are you an artist?” No, I sighed, just a student. He straightened up and said: “Well, I was a film student, but I didn’t like it…. so….” I stared at him. “You were a film student? Here? In London?” “Yeah,” he said, “London Film School, in Covent Garden….”  I couldn’t believe it and wanted to ask more but my train approached.

I hurried home and grabbed the telephone book (no internet in those days either!) I found the London Film School! “Oh my, he wasn’t fibbing!!” The following day I rang them up and as it was the end of term, they were viewing students for the next season and I was allowed to come in to show my portfolio. I talked with the head of animation, Smithie, and got in!!

The first year I had to do a general film course (great!) and the year after, I was in the animation department. For all those years I was focused on the idea of animation and now it was actually happening.

The school got into some financial troubles but I was told about animation studios in London, where I could look for work. Wow, animation studios in London?  Fantastic!

I spent the rest of my working life freelancing in London. I worked on T.V. series for kids and commercials. Later, the big U.S. studios came to London and I worked for Warner Brothers, Steven Spielberg and….yes, Walt Disney Studios!

Ahhhh…….  My dream had come true.

At the art school, the teachers didn’t really help me find animation in London. Odd really, that they didn’t seem know about the film school, so Fate stepped in!

I often think of that guy sweeping the platform. He changed my life! I have your book, it’s by my side all the time as I need the inspiration. 🙂
Helga, Sweden

More about Helga:
Isafold Art & Design
The first movie I worked on was Watership Down, a classic in the UK. Some of the other, better-known movies I worked on include: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, All Dogs Go to Heaven II, Thumbelina, Duck Tales The Movie, Rover Dangerfield, Pebble and the Penguin, The Thief and the Cobbler, Quest for Camelot. Some of these movies will have a long file in film heaven!


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Photo credit: Fantasia by Walt Disney and Manifesting123 on Pinterest

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    Thank you for the reminder about focus… and letting the universe provide you with the options!

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