My Daughter Died, But My Intentions Created a Loving and Surprising Connection

My Daughter Died, But My Intentions Created a Loving and Surprising Connection

This is a very important story illustrating what our intentions and thoughts can do, even beyond physical death. A grieving mother has shared this story, a remarkable gift offered to us all for the holiday season. It is confirming information in many ways and I hope you will share this story with others.

K. writes:
My daughter died on November 5th of this year. Life was difficult for her and despite a lot of medical attention, she was having continuing, epileptic seizures. She had terrible pain from the seizures in her neck and back and she had to try and function despite a strong fear of the seizures. It was a very difficult and continuing situation for her. On the morning of the fifth, we went into her room and discovered that she had died during the night.

Days later, I called Ken to talk. I was in such grief with my daughter’s passing that Ken recommend two people to call that could contact my daughter. He explained that with their remarkable gifts, they could see and hear her with their physical eyes and ears and in real-time. With either of them, I would be able to converse with my daughter.

I contacted Peter Marks first, just to have an initial conversation about the process and what to expect. Shortly after connecting with Peter on the phone, he told me that my daughter was there with him and that she was also in the company of her aunt that had died many years earlier. In this brief contact with my daughter, she correctly named the aunt that was there with her.

I was much surprised that my daughter quickly appeared to Peter and that she was in the company of her aunt. This was a comfort and reassurance that I really needed.

A few days later, I called Ken back and brought him up to date on what had happened. I let him know that I would arrange a full one-hour session with Peter and Ken offered an idea: that I send my daughter something in spirit, a gift created with thought, and Ken offered that she would immediately get my gift. I had read his book and Ken explained to me the experiences he had written about, that he had sent the other gifted person earlier recommended, Judy Goodman, many things in thought and Judy had the giftedness to see my thoughts take form in the non-physical, spirit realm. Ken went on to say that if we repeat a thought and send it with gratitude, it would eventually appear in our physical space, and that it is the true secret of manifesting, how our thoughts create form in our physical realm.

After a lot of consideration, I came up with a gift idea, something that my daughter had talked about before. Without telling Ken or Peter about my plan, I decided to send what my daughter had told me she really desired, a small house with a view, overlooking the Frio river in Texas.

I would it be something special our family could give her, so I prayed about it and asked for the house to be sent to her. It was a heartfelt desire and I thought if I could give her anything, that would be it, a little house by the river where she could be happy. I sent it out, my loving prayer and thought.

A time was made for Peter to make a second introductory call and two days later, we talked. Our conversation had just begun when Peter told me he could see my daughter, that she was there in spirit with him in his Connecticut home.

I was courageous and asked my daughter, through Peter, if she got the gift I sent her. She said, “Thank you for the house mom!”

She proceeded to tell me more validating things as well. My daughter always wanted to do a lot of travel but it just didn’t work out for her. But in this conversation with Peter, she relayed to him that she is doing a lot of traveling now and is very happy about it! That’s pretty strong evidence for a genuine  connection to my daughter and for life after death.

Peter’s gifts provided me such comfort, to know that my daughter was fine and that I could actually interact with her. This experience has been my gift and it is why I’ve been able to adjust to her sudden death as well as I have.

I am so grateful for the help you both gave me,


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