There is More Than Just the Law of Attraction: A Primer

There is More Than Just the Law of Attraction: A Primer

I am for all forms of manifesting however you go about it. If you have a positive, repeating intention then you are on the right track. Please note that your negative, repeating intentions will also create results, the undesirable ones.

In the book I have written about my experiences on thoughts actually begin to create form. This is more than positive thinking and it is what actually underpins of the law of attraction.

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Here’s the fundamental and revealing information on how out thoughts are literally building our realities in the near-physical realm and the power of gratitude.  As Galileo Galilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered.”

Once we understand that our thoughts are actually building things, we should step into the role of the creator, an active, not passive role and this is where it gets interesting. Most all of the manifesting techniques, vision boards, lists, envisioning outcomes, etc. are repetitive intentions and just like stacking bricks, your thoughts begin to build the outcome in the near-physical realm. The hundreds of stories in the Manifesting 1,2,3 website illustrate those successful results.

It is incredibly useful to know that your thoughts are actually tools just like a hammer or screwdriver, a big difference between constructing and wishing. Furthering the point, this is not attracting an outcome, it is assembly, much like a 3-D printer.

Manifesting is generally not instantaneous. Imagine that this assembly has a number of parts. As an example, to get the better career an opening has to be made and it may be better than you could have imagined. This is the nature of manifesting things and it may appear that these things are being attracted to you but there is more.

How can we be happier, have less stress and experience more confidence for example? These are internal targets, not physical items but solutions to personal concerns can be manifested as well and here is the good part. Because they are particular to us, we are the primary moving part and in theory, a much easier outcome to build.

As difficult it may seem to overcome, our thoughts can and do create solutions to our long-lasting and intractable personable problems. How can that happen? Your thoughts create the successful solutions and pathways for it to happen and it often goes like this.

I get a call or someone writes describing that as they awoke and without knowing how, they realize that “They are no longer are stressed about money,” “That they haven’t been this happy since high school,” That they will “not have feelings of loneliness anymore.” Even more surprising is what each of these people have said next, “And I know that this feeling is permanent!”

Not only is the result seemingly miraculous, but what occurred in their sleep wasn’t the result of something attracted to these individuals, like a package on the doorstep. An internal change occurred without outside influences and it was fully in place when they woke up, a permanent alteration in their lives.

Now you know the true secret of what our thoughts can do and I hope you will take every advantage!


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  1. Elizabeth (Mary) Says: October 25, 2023 at 12:33 pm

    Ken, such a wonderful and positive description of manifesting! I really like the line “Furthering the point, this is not attracting an outcome, it is assembly, much like a 3-D printer”

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