A Tender Request, A Prayer, Then a Response

A Tender Request, A Prayer, Then a Response

Sometimes what we think becomes reality very quickly. Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 describes how or thoughts directly create and do so constantly. Generally, that takes time but it is a delight to hear of an instance where a thought and in this instance, a prayer is answered in a profound way.

Our thoughts and prayers and powerful tools, our gift. We are always worthy so never hesitate to ask in whatever way is comfortable to you… everyday if you like.

P. writes:
My sister D and I were at the home of our elderly parents, helping them pack to leave their summer home.  It was a stressful time. 

One afternoon D. and I rode our bikes to the beach. We were having a rough day of sorts, and we went to the beach for renewal, which is our thing…. A swim in the ocean is the perfect, refreshing, cleanser.

We love our parents dearly, but our mother can be anxious and controlling and I struggle not to be reactive. This was especially evident to me this summer, as a bout with Covid had me under their roof for over a month (counting isolation in a makeshift bedroom on the garage!) which was longer than I had been planning to stay.

Arriving at the beach, we put our towels down on the sand, and I said, “Let’s lay down and put our chests on the ground and pray to Pachamama, mother earth.”  We did and I said a prayer, asking for help and guidance.

Then I added, from a workshop I had done years ago, “Please help me have a loving heart instead of an angry heart.” This is because I’d been having trouble all summer being impatient at times with mom, my ongoing area of struggle. Then I suggested to D. that we send love to Pachamama and ask for help.  That done, we laid in the sun relaxing awhile followed by swimming in the ocean and then biking back home.

That night in a very unusual dream, I was aware of a group of beings around me doing a healing on my heart. I couldn’t see them but I could clearly feel what they were doing. My whole chest was vibrating, shaking and bouncing up and down like crazy. It was so extreme it was almost violent and I quickly woke up!

Since then, I have felt more spacious, insightful and compassionate (and even a teeny bit more patient). It is a remarkably different feeling inside.

I am so grateful. I think I was carrying around a lot of anger from my childhood and the fact that I asked for release and my prayer was answered so quickly was confirming and beautiful. It is a great comfort to know of that connection and that my prayers are heard.


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