Favorite Stories from the 1st 6 Months of 2019

Favorite Stories from the 1st 6 Months of 2019

One of the best things about editing this newsletter is to receive your stories and meet the people behind them. Each one is personally important, inspirational, and I get to pass them on to you. Here are some of my favorites from the year so far.

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“It wasn’t going to be easy. There were some tiffs and a lot of breakups. Overcoming doubt was difficult for me in this situation.”

Bring Me the Deal of the Century!
“Our 30th wedding anniversary was coming up, a Very Special Event and my husband and I decided on a trip to the Bahamas and to stay at a first-class resort. Once our two grown kids heard about it, they wanted to go as well but it would be way too expensive for pay for the four of us.”

Prison, Prayer and Then the Miracles Found Me
“My name is J. and going on 40 years ago, I went to prison for a very serious crime that resulted in a life sentence. I spent over half my life in there. I didn’t pray, I didn’t do anything in there for a long time. Then came a time in my life when I prayed to God for myself and my sister who was homeless. I wanted to help her and to get help myself. I had been in prison for well over 20 years and there were times when I lost hope but for the most part, I was continuing my prayers for a release and thinking of better days ahead.”

I Dared to Dream Big. Could it Happen?
“We started out with pretty humble beginnings. My wife and I didn’t have any family money or anything like that. We knew that everything we achieved had to come from our own resources. We always wanted to have a comfortable home with a significant piece of property for cattle and horses. I didn’t understand how that could ever happen, but it was our dream just the same.

I Went Down, Down, Down and Then I Asked For Help
This is a newsletter about Manifesting, but it is really about asking in any form. When we repetitively think of things, our thoughts begin to actually begin to build what we think, those ‘good’ or ‘bad’ thoughts. When we ask or pray, there are often results as well. It’s my feeling that there are always results, but we may be unable or unaware enough to see them. In this story from T., he was clearly shown that his prayers were heard.

Bringing it All Together Before the Baby Arrives!
“Have you ever been completely overwhelmed, trying to bring a lot of important, loose ends under control? Here’s an inspiring story that illustrates how manifesting can simply and powerfully create amazing results!”

Manifesting the Perfect New Home and Move at the Perfect Time
“A few months ago, I told Ken about how I manifested a new job but not the right job. Despite my frustration, we laughed a lot and he explained to me that when Manifesting I need to be SPECIFIC.”

Where Do You Want to Go? Manifest It!
Here is a classic story around a singular thought that was repeated and reinforced constantly. Does it sound easy or too good to be true? You would be correct, but that’s how manifesting works.

Watch Your Words, Romance May Be Waiting!
“One of the guys asked me, ”Do you think you will ever get married again?” “I don’t think so,” I said. If I do, I’m going to Minnesota and find my wife there.” Read on…


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