I Didn’t Realize How I Manifested a Remarkable Gift to Myself!

I Didn’t Realize How I Manifested a Remarkable Gift to Myself!

I Didn’t Realize How I Manifested a Remarkable Gift to Myself!

Our thoughts are always creating things, even if we are not noticing. Pay attention to what you are saying and thinking and in particular, avoid repetitive, negative thoughts, just because…

Holly writes:
I recently took an art workshop from Ken and toward the end of the weekend he asked each one of us, “Do you know where you want to go with your heart?” I decided on an artistic answer, that I wanted to exhibit my works, not really focusing on an income, but to get my artworks out there where people could see it and enjoy it.

That workshop really restarted a lot of things for me and made me focus on what I wanted to accomplish as an artist. To that end, I told myself every day that I’m going to do something with my art career. It could be painting, working on my art website or even meeting my picture framer. I would touch on all the things that make up an artist’s career each day and rationally support my goal of having a gallery show.

It was in late November when I got an email from a woman contacting San Diego artists on behalf of a local gallery in Balboa Park.I have no idea how I got on her mailing list to receive the nice invite and when I connected with the gallery, the person that invited me didn’t know either.

I thought, well what the heck, it was an invitation to rent the gallery for $100 and I would be competing with other applicants to get the space. My girlfriend was with me and she said, “Oh, you really should apply,” and so I did.

I’ve never been completely comfortable with the manifesting thing but after talking to Ken later and looking back onto what happened, I realized that my success was very much like a manifesting script. 

At first, I was doing the manifesting thing, often picturing myself in the space and feeling what it would feel like to see my work hanging on the gallery walls.

I just trusted that I would get a gallery show somehow and I simply got out of the way of making it happen, trusting that my thoughts would go a certain way and have some power of their own. I knew not to get all hung up on the negatives – that I’m not professional enough, or I haven’t done this thing, or that I’m too old, etc.

Following along, when the opportunity appeared I took action. I didn’t shy away from the taking action. I picked up the phone, made contact with the gallery and decided on the spot to proceed with my application.

As a scientist, manifesting is a very skeptical topic for me but I do like that part in Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 where it says is that like gravity, you don’t have to know how it works, and that you don’t have to visualize every intermediate step to success. For me, that is hugely important and worthy of a try.

Please join me and view my website as well as my exhibit at Gallery 21 in San Diego.
Thank you,
Holly Given


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Photo credit:
top: Holly Givens “School of Bigeye” oil on canvas, 40×40 inches (cropped) right and Manifesting 123 on Pinterest


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