I Keep a Reminder of Success Goals in My Pocket

I Keep a Reminder of Success Goals in My Pocket

I like how S. always has a reminder of his financial goals close by!

I used to keep at $20 bill in my pocket so I could say that I always have money. Lately, I’ve changed it to a $100. bill, and now I say that I don’t worry about money anymore. That’s big progress.

Years ago, I began saying that I have money and desired more. Ken and I talked about it often. Right away I starting finding money on the ground in public places and that was always a thrill. However, most of the time my wife and I were always hurting financially and not making much money. Things did get better with my getting a better job with a $3 raise but I didn’t like the supervisor. The same company recently offered me another position at $26 an hour, a substantial raise. It is further away from home but I took the job.

Things were going good there and it took some of the stress off financially. I also had a bit more time for myself. A friend at the workplace was pretty successful in the stock market, day trading for himself. He showed me what he was doing and I began to work the stock market a bit, starting with a few thousand dollars since the recent raise gave me a little cushion to speculate with. My wife and I are without a retirement program so perhaps this trading could help. It is a seesaw ride and I’m a rookie, but I’ve done pretty well. I lost some ground due to the covid this year but other stocks did extremely well and I’m proud that I’m having these small successes based on my own research.  I can’t complain about my small gains that go toward our retirement and the house is paid for, thank goodness.

Every day I keep the idea of always having money and that $100 bill is a physical reminder in my pocket. It keeps the good things coming in.

My company went through 2 supervisors at my previous location and they asked me to come back to that original job. They offered me the position my previous supervisor had at $33 an hour. I asked for $35. with vacation time and I got it! The team there agreed that I was the right person for their premier apartment property. It’s a large apartment complex with 3 high-rises and over 400 units. These properties require good care and service for their renters and I was the right fit.

I felt I had manifested my return to this property. Even after I left that position I kept telling myself that I wanted to be back at this property as a maintenance supervisor. I had worked there and could clearly envision myself being back there. I know about M123 and have had a few stories in this newsletter, so I get it and I used my thoughts to go after this position, along with the higher pay and the location that was closer to my home.

When I first began to really use my thoughts to be better off financially, my first breaks came from getting bonuses and I was grateful to receive them. Now my money situation has really changed. Earlier I only had $1500 in savings.

Now I have money in numerous accounts, about $20K and it is still building. I am so happy at how things have turned around financially and I am now moving forward to our financial security.

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