I Manifested a Beautiful New Life! (reprise story)

I Manifested a Beautiful New Life! (reprise story)

Today I am so incredibly grateful. My day started with my getting ready for work, a normal task for most people but not for me.

For years I was getting up at 3 or 4 am and going to a job I didn’t like. It was drudgery. The corporate culture there overworked and drained my co-workers and me. I was fried at work, so I had a long and deep conversation with myself. I decided to jump out there and be brave.

A good bit of my courage came from finding the book Manifesting 123 in a Goodwill store some days before. I already knew some things about manifesting and this book got my attention. After reading it I started using some of the ideas in the book and imagined the future I wanted as if I was in my personal “movie.” In this future my current problems didn’t exist. I stated that, “All my needs are taken care of and I’m so grateful.”

My future had some of these other nice features:
My perfect partner.
Things would flow easier in all aspects of my life.

In my movie there were a number of future scenes but I didn’t put a lot of detail into most of them. I went with the suggestion in the book to sometimes allow for an outcome that would be better that I could ever imagine.

I learned how to offset my fears and use the 7 Grateful Things. It’s interesting, because once I got the manifesting ball rolling, I had a new ease and flow with less worry.

All this gave me the courage to make a move. It is not my nature, but I quit my job before I had another one. That’s a leap, but in a few days I had a good interview for a job I really wanted in a museum. While waiting to hear back, I wasn’t overly concerned. I clearly felt that if I didn’t get this job then there would be another one for me.

I stayed on the manifesting every day, envisioning my future with a new twist. Focusing on the new job possibility, I imagined that I was working in the museum. This time I added the details of being in the uniform, talking to people and seeing the art on the walls there.

In five days I got the position! It was so very easy! I now have the income I need and I have regular working hours. No more getting up in the wee hours of the morning!!! This may not be my perfect career in the long term, but it was a smart move and it was just what I was manifesting.

This is exactly what I need right now and the regular hours allow me the time to have a LIFE! I even have the time for that perfect partner to appear. Things are really looking up!

Manifesting 123 came into my life at just the right time. Thank you!

It Started With a Crisis and Was Solved By Asking

M.C. got into a low spot and needed help. It wasn’t mentioned in the story but she did pray and ask for a way out. It seems that she got a result when she found Manifesting 123 at the Goodwill story.

She immediately used the techniques in the book to build exactly the future she desired. There was never a mention that she was undeserving or unworthy. Her plan was exactly stated and she gave it a little time every day.

Here’s another quote from M.C. “I’m so very grateful for a couple of things, my wonderful, new job and I’m grateful to myself for having the strength to leave the job I didn’t like.”

It all starts with the asking,

PS: Glad someone recycled that book!


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