Manifest, Avoid the Fears, and Request More Help!

Manifest, Avoid the Fears, and Request More Help!

Happily, this is the second time that something like this has occurred this year. I’m an independent contractor and the phone hasn’t been ringing lately. After a couple of back-to-back best years, 2023 has been really sloooooow.

I do a manifesting list every day and gratefully, things somehow fall into place. It’s certainly not the way I would plan it, but I remember learning that in manifesting there is money and the equivalent of money and that is how a lot of the 2023 bills have been paid for.

There are the tax refunds, customers paying back late, late invoices from the year before and other amazing things. Still, it would be nice to have a steadier income coming from Plan A, my day job!

I read the Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 book and the #2 was how do deal with fear. The advice was to “take action” on those fears and I get it. I also make a point to stay out of the fear game and I do pretty well to keep clear of that. One way I keep the fear at a distance is to act in advance of the problem and to work on creating solutions before I get into a fearful jam.

In my case, I could see the possibility of incoming orders slowing down for the next two months so I did the following:

I didn’t react in fear.

I continued my manifesting, putting a little more attention and emotion into successfully resolving any financial lacks.

Then I did something I read from an earlier newsletter here: petitioning those in spirit helping me. I haven’t seen them before but I have been told numerous times they are there, so I called their attention to somehow cover this month’s expenses, and more, and to keep doing it for all the other months going forward… indefinitely. Why not? If they are really there, then help me out.

So, here’s what happened. Within a couple of days of putting those things into play, I came across something I wanted to splurge on. It was just over $1000. and I let it go. Days later, I saw that it was being offered for a flat $500…. very tempting, but no. Later that day I was clearing out a drawer full of stuff and found an envelope I had tucked in there with… $500. in cash! I made the purchase.

That felt pretty good because the item was something I identified with personally and really desired, but I didn’t pay any bills with that $500. 

Four days later, two things happened within a couple of hours of each other. The first one was an inquiry from a possible new client needing my services in multiple locations – a bit of a rarity. The chances are good for that one.

Next was a coincidental email. I had an expensive piece of equipment available for sale in another city and it had been there for many years. For the previous two weeks I had been often been thinking of what to do with it. Then up comes an email with a photo of the equipment from a potential, new client wanting a modified version of that piece. It’s something I can do and the price is very similar and happily it would cover my expenses for a month.

There is not a guarantee that either of these things will come through, but it certainly seems like there is some magical timing going on and that possibly, my manifesting as well as my friends in spirit are on the job. I’m feeling pretty good about this although I can’t see the mechanism that may be making this happen.

I just got an email for that second opportunity confirming the sale! It happened just as I about to send my story to you, therefore the P.S. Grateful for the manifesting result and what also may be some extra help!

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