Manifesting Just Works: My Perfect Ranch!

Manifesting Just Works: My Perfect Ranch!

Marcy manifested her heart’s desire with few specifics and let her thoughts create the perfect solution. She didn’t specify how it would happen, only that in the future she was envisioning, it had clearly happened.

Marcy writes:
I’ve lived on a 31-acre ranch for the last 24 years. It has been a labor of love, but I knew several years ago that as my husband and I aged, we would have to make a move to downsize the responsibility (work and money) a place like this requires. I always put it off because I could not envision myself living anywhere else. This ranch had been my lifelong dream. In fact, when I met my husband on our first date, he asked what I wanted to do with my life. I was 19!  I knew the answer to that right away. I wanted to live on a farm and have a family and raise horses. Well, after reading your book, I asked in deep meditation to change my attitude about leaving this wonderful place and help me become excited and hopeful for our next chapter in life.

I started creatively visualizing and manifesting about a year ago what my new place would look like. During deep meditation. a place with water always came up… a lake, a river, a stream. I wasn’t specific, just anything with water nearby. Also, I envisioned a small house, easy to take care of but ample room for my 4 horses with a big field and a small barn. Also, I wanted to live closer to our daughter who has lived in Truckee, California for the last 10 years.

The next requirement was I did not want to be a snowbird and have to leave in the winter because of heavy snow. So, it needed to be a horsy place that didn’t get heaps of snow, yet near the Sierra Nevada mountains. I also envisioned a separate little studio for my artwork. This new place would be priced in such a way that we would have our retirement would once again secured after losing all of it back in 2008.

I wasn’t too familiar with these locations as I travel very little due to the responsibilities of running a ranch with several tenants and a horse boarding business. After talking my husband into it, we listed our property in mid-June of this year. He kept saying “But I don’t even know where we are going to live if this place sells fast.” I held on to my deep knowing that everything would work out as I envisioned. Besides, our asking price was quite high and thought it would take at least 6 to 12 months to sell.

In June, I decided to take a trip up to visit my daughter. On the way up, I stopped about an hour from Truckee (below the snow line) and met with a realtor who had been recommended by a friend. Carol and I hit it off right away as she is also a “crazy for horses” horsewoman. I had told her over the phone what my requirements were and after looking online, I saw 3 places I’d like to start with. We drove out to look and the first 2 were quite expensive and needed a lot of work in order to accommodate horses. At the third place I could hear rushing water before I even got out of the car.

I got the chills all over because I knew in my heart this was the place I had been manifesting! I loved everything about it and it was all I had envisioned Including the affordable price. I said, “Carol, if our place were in escrow I’d be making an offer!”  Her answer was “Well, it’s early in the day yet and there’s lots of inventory to look at. Go to your daughter’s place and enjoy your week there. Besides, I think someone’s already making an offer. This place is gonna go fast.”

I spent the week in Truckee and came home the following weekend to a phone call from our other realtor. Turns out that she had showed our ranch at the same time I was looking at the new place and the prospective buyers were about to make an make an offer!

Everything came together perfectly and both ranch closed concurrently last Friday. We are moving in tomorrow.  I am now a believer!

Thank you so much,


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Photo credit: Nash Country Daily (not Marcy’s ranch photo) and Manifesting 123 on Pinterest

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