Manifesting Protection in Advance: Then the Angels Came

Manifesting Protection in Advance: Then the Angels Came

Tim writes,
My job is delivering fine artworks from artists, galleries and collectors. On this day my job was to pick up works from an artist in Colorado, my first stop and I woke up at 3:30 AM to get on the road.  Each day I begin with a meditation, prayer and manifesting, part of which is to ask for protection and express my gratitude for many things.

As part of my meditation that morning, I internally heard, “You will see more angels today than you’ve ever seen in your life.” I immediately thought that I’m probably going to see a large angel on the road, in a city, or maybe some of the people I’m going to encounter today are going to magically be angels.

Later that day, I arrived at my destination to pick up some artwork near the top of a mountain in twin Lakes Colorado. I’m going up a hill, 1 mile away and all of a sudden, my vehicle begins to slip and slide sideways and backwards. While sliding down, I had this feeling that I’m going to be OK as my vehicle drifts into the snow and stopped, I’m OK and I know that I’m not going to slide down this mountain anymore, but I am caught there, so I called my client / artist to assist me. He came over in his vehicle, backing up to mine so we could attach a rope to my van and pull me up the hill.

To set this up, I’m not in the vehicle but outside and in front of mine, giving him directions to best back up his car to attach a tow rope. I guiding him closer to my van but it wasn’t just right. He tried to adjust by going forward a bit, but his vehicle slips and slides down sideways right at me! I am now in between his vehicle and my van but somehow, I was able to push his vehicle away as it was sliding down.

It was if I had some supernatural strength to make that happen. I am 5’7” and 185, but no Schwarzenegger. However, I did push the sliding vehicle back uphill at bit only to see it come back at me again!

Oh no! And this time it locks my leg in between both of the vehicles. Somehow, I was able to push it back a third time and caught a break. This time it slid back again but now the side of his vehicle is up against my van bumper, holding it there and away from my leg.

It good that the sliding had stopped. Everything was so slippery and when we tried to walk on that surface we kept falling down hard. Both vehicles could have easily continued to slide downhill, making things much worse. Fortunately, there was no damage to either of us or to our vehicles.

We called for assistance from a neighbor and he showed up with a front-loader, tank-tread kind of thing. He attached chains and pulled us up to the hill, one at a time. It took three hours but we were finally off that hill and out of danger. I finished my art handling tasks and then the neighbor kindly helped to turn my van around, attached the chains again and guided me back down the hill.

What was that all about? I was told I would see more angels today than I have ever seen in my life. It took two men to physically help me and who knows what else to keep pushing the vehicle away, keep me on the hill and protecting all of us from harm.

After this incident I will continue asking and manifesting good things, this was a great reminder and a proof to me. I recommend this daily practice to all of you!


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