My Mom’s Miraculous Story.  It Was the Prayer. 

My Mom’s Miraculous Story.  It Was the Prayer. 

Dream it, wish it, manifest it, pray for it.
You are so worthy.
In some way, just ask.

My mom took a bad fall in injured her knee. The pain increased over the next few days so she went to the doctor and was informed she had damaged her meniscus, a piece of cartilage in the knee that cushions, stabilizes and protects the joint and bones from wear and tear.

After her appointment, the tremendous pain continued and she could only get around with a walker and a wheelchair.

She was very miserable and things were not getting better. I could help her to some degree but surely I could do more. So after a few days and lacking other options, I decided to pray, to plea and ask for mercy on her part.

If she couldn’t quickly heal, it would create major changes in our family because she would have to move in with my brother and his family, creating a difficult situation there.

I prayed and prayed in the hope that it would make a difference. Two days later, my mother had a vivid dream where she met a man in a white robe. He moved his hand over her damaged knee and instantly, her pain went away. Noting was said – he apparently just did what he came to do.

She woke up and the pain was still gone! It was like it had never happened. She could walk just fine without the walker or wheelchair. Amazingly, she went to the grocery with us the same day, walking around normally and without pain.

My mother is Buddhist and in the past, she wasn’t very open to the idea that God loves her or to discussing spiritual subjects very much. Now we have more talks about these things and she has told me that on occasions, she sees her deceased husband, my father, with her eyes when she is awake, a loving and comforting experience for her each time.

My sincere prayers were heard, my mother was miraculously healed and our lives have been changed in subtle and loving ways.

We are so grateful!


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