Open the Door for Unique and Creative Results

Open the Door for Unique and Creative Results

Hidden in this ‘small’ story is something we all desire… Let’s just call it a flow.

I have been manifesting for sometime now. In fact, I became so interested in it, I finally decided to go out and buy a book along the order of manifesting for dummies. They didn’t have it at the Barnes & Noble, but I did find your book, Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3.

Since that time, I have manifested many things, including my own home. Early on, one of the things on my manifesting list was to help others and after years of study, I am a licensed spiritual practitioner, spiritual coach, and I do mentoring and empowerment session work.

I put together a custom designed class and your Manifesting book was the seed. One of the things at the core of the class is worthiness, to ask in all the ways available to us and to manifest what is important for us. Here’s another way of asking, what I call a key, “I am joyfully expecting even more unique, creative and traditional demonstrations.” I am allowing God to be creative and unique…okay, I wanted to challenge God.

Here’s a recent story of mine. It may not be a ‘big’ one, but I want to point out this important aspect. I live a life where I am asking, manifesting, and expressing gratefulness everyday. Yes, there are specific things on my list and there is also a wonderful undercurrent, what could be described as a constant flow of good things in my life. Things just get taken care of and it gives me peace.

In addition to my counseling work, I do home security checks, house sitting, and walk the owners dogs. Some of the house sitting jobs are very lucrative. Recently, I was contracted to housesit for two weeks at $1000. Unfortunately, my client got sick and had to cancel. I have a cancellation policy and I charge half price in those instances. My clients understand and they always pay because that is fair.

In this case, the client was a friend and had to cancel her upcoming trip because of a reoccurrence of the severe migraines she suffers from. Okay. in my brain I’m hearing I just took $1,000 hit. My friend said, “You know what, Lisa? I’m gonna give you $300 because I know that you held the space for me. My first thought was okay universe, that was good, but not enough. My friend and I settled up nicely and I was good about it.

Back to the unique and creative ways…

To make a very long story short, somebody else gave me a needed a chair for my porch. She told me to send my friend over with the truck and she would give me that chair. I’m like, “Okay, nice, I got a free chair.” When the chair arrives, I saw that it’s an elbow L.L Bean Adirondack chair. I googled that chair and it is worth $350, a much better chair and more than I would have spent for a porch chair. As another surprise, she sent the matching side table.

I loved that chair and as I am sitting in that chair on my porch, I’m having a discussion with the universe. “Okay, that was pretty good.”

Not a minute later, my friend that previously cancelled the housesitting called and said, “Hey, we’re going away for the second week, are you still available?” I was, so I got $500 for one week of housesitting and the earlier $300 cancellation fee. I’m all good. It’s all good.

Hmmm, so now I’m thinking and putting it out to the universe, “I have a back porch. Could we have a second chair for my back porch?” I’m not being disrespectful, I’m just saying this is great, can we do it again?

So how can I how can I move my feet on this, take action? I decided to send a text to the woman who gave me the original chair. I asked If I could please have one of the matching chairs when she was ready to let go of it. I added that I would pay fair value because I didn’t want her to think I was wanting it for free. She didn’t answer back and I’m like, “Oh, no. I pushed too far,” and I’m like, “Okay, just let it go. I got enough.”

The next day she sent me a text that says, “Oh my God, I forgot to answer you. Yes, come on over get the chair.” 

In the end, I received more value than original $1000. I received the cash I needed and the enduring comfort of two wonderful, high-quality chairs built for a lifetime of use and the matching end table as a bonus. My original plan was to get one cheap chair at the hardware store that would only last a couple of years. I received so much more and that’s what I mean by unique and creative ways and it’s for the asking.

Lisa Conlon is a licensed spiritual Practitioner at Concordia Center for Spiritual Living in Warwick, Rhode Island. You can register for her Workshops here and you can contact Lisa by email.


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