Take a Stand :)  Manifest a Solution!

Take a Stand :)  Manifest a Solution!

My art studio has a cement floor and I need really good shoes to maintain my posture and good back health.  I am a ceramic artist and on my feet a lot. My current shoes were very worn out so it was time for new shoes, but spending over $100 on a pair of good, new shoes only to turn around and splash water, glazes and clay on them would really be annoying.

So, what to do? I hadn’t manifested anything in a while so I decided to try some of the techniques in Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3. This is not a “moon shot” kind of thing, it’s pair of shoes, but why not try to manifest a solution?

I used the technique of imagining that I’m in my future and what the new shoes would feel like. I also added the power of my emotions, that is, how happy I would be that I was getting good support for my back and feet.

Further, I also got in touch with how I would feel emotionally by finding this good pair of shoes at a decent price, or at least a price where I wouldn’t feel so bad about ruining the appearance of them in the first week. I also meditated on finding a good brand that I knew would fit well, last for a few years and hopefully for that great price. I was feeling grateful for the good fortune of new shoes and did so in advance.

Here’s what happened next. The following Monday I popped into my favorite thrift store and found a brand new pair of good quality shoes that fit me perfectly. Normally these shoes would cost $150, but I picked them up for $12.99! It was clear by looking at the soles that the shoes had never even been worn. I was ecstatic with my good luck and happy for the outcome. They fit and function perfectly, and I am so very grateful!

I keep Ken’s book on my nightstand to read and refresh my mind on his manifesting techniques. This was not my biggest manifestation but each of those successes are important to me!

Thanks Ken,
Mary Cay

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