We Are Watched Over, Heard and We Are Powerful

We Are Watched Over, Heard and We Are Powerful

Continuing on an earlier newsletter story of what our thoughts can do and that we are heard…

Early on when I was discovering more about metaphysical topics, I became good friends with two exceptionally gifted women, Judy Goodman, and Patty Conklin. In my conversations with them they explained to me how they could see and hear the non-physical realm with their physical eyes and ears.

In that non-physical realm there are the deceased, our guides and angels, and much more. At the time, I hadn’t learned anything about manifesting and I hadn’t experienced any evidence of a non-physical realm. That was about to change.

One afternoon Judy and Patti were both visiting and we were all having a light conversation in my living room when Patti suddenly said, “Quick, there’s an angel in the room. Where is the angel?“ And she did mean quick, telling me again to hurry and point in the direction of the angel.

I pointed off to my right and Patti said that was correct. Well that was something! I had been working on the idea of trying to be more intuitive like Judy and Patti so maybe I’m onto something. I looked over at Judy and she started to snicker and then Patti started doing the same thing. I asked, “I got it right, didn’t I? You said the angel was standing were I pointed, right?”

I was confused and hurt and then they began laughing. Patti finally explained to me that the angel was standing on the opposite side of the room but when I pointed to my right, the angel immediately moved to where I was pointing. Patti said the angel didn’t want me to be wrong.

That really struck me on a lot of levels, the main one being that there is a non-physical realm populated by at least one angel that was somehow communicating and being nice to me. Taking the lesson further, Judy later told me and Patti agreed that we can command the Angels.

That brings me to a second instance. At this point, I have learned a lot about manifesting and how our thoughts create form in the non-physical realm before they appear here. That’s well-explained in the book, my interviews and in previous newsletters so I won’t dwell on that here. What I want to point out is the idea that more help is available to us, that we are not alone as we go forward in our lives.

My home at the time was near an interstate highway nearby that was very dangerous. The speed limit was 75 miles an hour with two lanes of traffic for each direction. The 14-wheeler trucks had to slow down to about 20 miles an hour to make a hill. On occasions one semi would pass a slower one, essentially blocking that 75 mile an hour fast lane, resulting in a number of accidents and fatalities. I was really alarmed at seeing new crosses at the accident scenes in increasing numbers.

It was months after my angel encounter and while I was driving on that highway, I had an idea. I decided to put my thoughts to work and combine them with the idea of commanding the angels. I didn’t have a firm idea of what I was doing or if it was correct to do so, but I asked the angels to line the highway, protect us and stop future accidents and fatalities.

I felt a little sheepish putting that out there but I remembered that Angel in my living room accommodating me, so I let my request stand and left the rest to them.

It was about six weeks later when Judy came back to visit. We were travelling on that interstate to pick up something at the mall. That’s when I remembered asking the angels line the highway and protect us.

Since Judy can continually see the non-physical realms, I asked her what she saw along the interstate we were on. I’ll never forget what she said, “There are angels lining the highway, the entire highway,” she added. There was a moment of shock and I explained to Judy what I had done. She was not surprised by the angel’s response at all. From that moment on, I felt more empowered and learned that our thoughts are heard and how they can make a difference. Going forward, it was my impression that the highway accidents were not as frequent and within a year and a half or so the highway was expanded to four lanes in each direction, dramatically making that stretch of the interstate a much safer place.

At birth, we are endowed with the ability to use our thoughts, particularly the repetitive ones to create anything, so please take full advantage. Oh, and don’t forget, our thoughts and intentions are heard by those in the prayer and angelic departments as well!


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Ken Elliott


  1. Hello Ken, your story is very inspiring and remind us all about the friendly Universe we live in.

    My question for you is: what’s the difference in asking God (Universe, Creator) for something and asking our Angels? What would be the reason not go to God itself right away? Should communication with God be as easy as our communication with angels? Thanks with appreciation. Paulina

    • Ken Elliott Says: August 10, 2023 at 9:50 am

      Hi Paulina,
      I would wholeheartedly agree to the idea of going directly to the GOD of your understanding. There are also times when I call in everyone!

      We are worthy, and we are heard the first time but they are very understanding of us that repeat the process.

      Don’t forget to be grateful for things from your past, present, and for the things you desire and ask for in your future.

      This could also be a good time to ask for patience and wisdom.

      Independent of that, we have the power to manifest. Also, when we ask and pray for things, that is a layer of intention and those thoughts contribute to our manifesting as well.

      I hope for results that are better than you would think to dream of or ask for!

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