You’ve Got a Friend. Manifest Together!

You’ve Got a Friend. Manifest Together!

Tina writes:
This last Christmas Day I called my very good friend Cheryl in Southern California. She couldn’t talk at that moment and asked if we could talk in 15 minutes (it had been a month or so since we last talked.) When she called me back, I had already sat myself down to be undistracted for our conversation.

She let me know that in October she had learned the breast cancer she had been treated for 1 ½ years ago had metastasized to her liver. It was stage 4 and inoperable. She said she had purposefully not told friends, family or her work about the cancer. I was devastated. The next day I called her and said I was coming to California to see her ASAP. She said to come in two weeks, that would be the best time, so I booked my flight right then. She also said that she and her husband were watching the series Heartland.

For the next two weeks I hardly left my house and I binge-watched Heartland. I was in a funk. At the same time, I enlisted my other good friend in Arizona (also named Cheryl) to put California Cheryl on her prayer list. We envisioned a positive outcome and saw her bathed in health.

During this time, I wouldn’t allow myself to think of the California Cheryl’s diagnosis. I flew to California to see here and my visit was exceptional. I was so grateful to have been able to go. Since the visit, California Cheryl had continued to get positive results from the chemo and her change in diet (no sugar.)

Since April I had been practicing the song “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King for my voice class recital. When I practiced singing it, I sang to California Cheryl. On May 4th, California Cheryl called to tell me that her most recent cat scan showed NO CANCER!!! Just writing that gives me the chills.

Thank you, Tina for this remarkable story!! Our intentions matter and our repetitive thoughts create form. To that thought simply add a positive emotion like gratitude or lovingly sing out loud if you like. The added emotion will amplify your thought and more efficiently create the outcome you require.

Keep in mind that when two people are manifesting the same goal, it is even more powerful.


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Ken Elliott


  1. Dionna Hickson Says: April 7, 2020 at 11:12 am

    Hi. I became friends with one of my co workers last year when I was moved to this new area at my job. We started talking a whole lot lol. Our conversations were getting good and deep. So before 2020 came, we started talking about a lot of things we both wanted to change in our lives. From things we needed to things that werent going to tolerated anymore.Long story short, everything we have talked about has come true and still coming true and we notice it every time. Now we are just trying to understand how its happening because its never happen before. Is there power in our manifestation between us or we are just lucky right now lol? thankyou

    • Ken Elliott Says: April 7, 2020 at 8:34 pm

      There is more power when people are manifesting together! How exciting that you are both observing this. It’s fantastic to have the proof of your successes together. Hopefully, you are both manifesting things individually by as well with equal success. Having someone to share these results with is encouraging and inspires us to create more. Let me know when you have stories to share. Thrill us!

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