Love, Fear, and Manifesting

Love, Fear, and Manifesting

This is a reprise article of great importance and definitely worth reading again…

I’ll never forget the first time I came across this statement. It was in Neil Donald Walsh’s book Conversations with God I. The statement essentially explained that there are two great forces in the universe, Love and Fear.

For many years I was using my thoughts alone to send simple and complicated objects to my very gifted friend Judy Goodman. I even set up a real-time experiment where I sent her a very complicated object in thought and she watched it materialize in her home 2100 miles away! THAT is how manifesting works and it was simple to to.

I was using concentration and repetition to create matter from thoughts. What I didn’t realize until much later was the power of love and fear. I quickly learned how my thoughts became much more powerful with the addition of gratefulness or love. When I envisioned something and added a happy or grateful emotion, my intention was magnified somehow. When love was added it took a lot less concentration or thought on my part to create an equal or better outcome. Manifesting became much simpler because the love component magnified my intention.

I learned and experienced that manifesting was often a matter of repetition. It was a bit like stacking bricks. Every time I revisited a particular thought, it was building somehow.

Thoughts are the core of creation. If you keep repeating a thought, be assured that it is building what you imagine in the unseen field around you. If you add the power of love to that intention then it will create whatever you imagine more efficiently.

Consider the concept of thought as a natural law, a creation machine at your fingertips. Gravity is a natural law and it doesn’t judge how you’re going to put it to use. Gravity predictably pulls things to the ground, always. Thoughts just make things, anything.

Now imagine that you are worried about something. It’s only natural that worry will cause us to revisit it over and over. What do your thoughts do then? Well, they go right to work and begin to create what you envision or say. Adding repetition insures that the worry continues to build. If you want to REALLY empower this worry then add the other great power in the universe, fear.

Whatever your thoughts create is done without judgement. Gravity doesn’t calculate if it is being put to a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ use before it goes into effect. Whatever you are thinking and repeating is steadily building ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’

Let’s be smart and take fear out of our daily thoughts and words. Dealing with fear is the #2 of Manifesting 123 and it can be dealt with in a simple and affirming way. Here’s a past newsletter with a method for dealing with fear in more detail: Dealing with Worries and Making Them Work for You.

To be clear, your thoughts are pretty good at creating the things in your life. Add repetition to increase the potency and for the maximum effect just add love or fear. This is really simple, think it, repeat it and charge it up with happiness or worry, love or fear.

Here is a bit more on the positive side. Lately I’ve noticed a big upswing on the topic of gratitude. I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of using gratitude to make things happen. Gratitude or love is a very powerful force and it magnifies the thought you are expressing. Imagine a conversation where you are saying something kind to another person. Now consider the opposite when you add fear or anger. The impact on the listener will be immediate and quickly understood.

Gratitude is that force multiplier, a powerful add-on to your singular thought. The idea that gratitude makes things is becoming common wisdom in the manifesting and law of attraction circles and rightly so. Then one day last year I heard something important about gratitude from a surprising source.

I was asked to contact someone who recently had a near-death experience, Nancy Rynes. She was seriously injured when a car hit her while bicycling. Her full story is not mine to tell here but she was plainly told something important about manifesting.

While in the hospital, Nancy went to the other side, a dimension beyond this physical world and she was met by an impressive Spirit figure. This person dictated a book for her to write. Coming back to life with a complete book to write may be a unique experience in the near death experience literature.

Of the many valuable insights that Nancy learned during her considerable time in the spirit realm bears repeating here. The Spirit figure agreed that gratitude is important for creation but made the point that we should be grateful and thankful to God. Some may be more comfortable expressing gratitude to the God of their understanding, but the thankfulness is being directed to Something or Someone. It just seems like good manners to offer gratitude in that way, don’t you think? Remarkably, Nancy is almost fully recovered and the book she was given to write will be published and available in a few weeks.  Visit Nancy’s blog Awakenings from the Light

For now, start creating wonderful things. You are worthy!

In gratitude,


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