Your Favorite Manifesting Stories from 2018

Your Favorite Manifesting Stories from 2018

Happy New Year!!
Here are some of the favorite newsletter stories from 2018. It is not an other top 10 list because there are just too many new and inspiring stories from 2018. View the entire Manifesting 1,2,3 story archive

Take some time off for yourself and read how people created their heart’s desires in seemingly impossible ways. 

Then get Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3or listen to my interviews with nothing held back. Learn how simple and powerful it is to create and to ask.

I hope you will enjoy these inspirational stories. The first is important information on how to manage fear, then followed by readers own experiences. We want to encourage you to take action and make your very own, amazing and fantastic 2019!


Fear Of… Let’s Fix This!
Start right here!
What are we frightened of? Well, just about everything It seems. We seem to be hardwired for it.

Want Results? Never Stop Manifesting. Just Ask Tina
Did you know that what we repetitively think becomes our reality? That is what the book explains so clearly. But along the way to our happy day, our plans we make don’t always turn out as we wish. Note that Tina’s very successful story contains an important caveat: don’t let a lack of instant success, lack of confidence or depression keep you from purposely manifesting your desires every day.

I Faced Death and Then Found Fulfillment
A few years back I was talking with my sisters after our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and I clearly remembered my saying that,” Just watch. I’ll be the one to get cancer out of all of us.” Six months to a year later cancer is what I got. As it turned out, everything was a blessing and I have no regrets.

Get Creative: Manifest it BIG!
Ken and I were talking the other day about my new business plan, the garden level apartment I recently renovated as a rental. I had a unique approach to manifesting the perfect tenants for my apartment and Ken asked it I would pass it onto you.

My Dreams Were Building All This Time, Then the Surprise!
Listen to this. Last Sunday, my gentleman friend and I had to attend an event in a nearby town, not far from where I live. Along the way he took a route I wasn’t familiar with. I’ve been living in this area for only two years and I’m still learning my way around, then the Big Suprise!

The Accident and Addiction. Grace, Prayer and Manifesting
This is a very tough story about how our lives can change in an instant. In this case it is very serious addiction and what our manifesting and prayers can overcome. Michael has had success stories in this newsletter before. The accidental detour in his life almost killed him but he remembered the power of manifesting and prayers. Michael and his daughter are walking miracles.

How Quickly Can I Manifest Three Important Things?  Part 1
Part 2   Part 3
Miranda writes:
Here’s how it is. I have three daughters with me, 2 in their teens and one in her early 20’s. We are a great team and to keep it humming I get up every weekday at 4am to catch a bus to begin my job at 7am.

Now I Am Falling Upward!  Part 1
Part 2
Emily got a bad break and it cascaded into even more problems, but Emily never gives up because she knows she has the tools to turn things around. She feels that her prayers and manifesting / visualizations are making things happen.Turns out, they did!

Here’s a Manifesting Story: “I Wish I Could Die”
It’s a shocker but it should be told. This is a true story and a strong reminder to watch our thoughts and actions. Before going any further, if you or someone close to you is expressing a tendency to suicide, you can quickly have someone to talk to here:National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Don’t wait another second to contact them.

Ask, Allow Some Space, and Love Finds a Way
After my divorce years ago, I thought very hard about what I desired to happen next.I was fine on my own but it would be very nice to find my heart’s companion. After some serious self-reflection, my plan would be first to be happy and whole on my own. Next, I would use what I know about manifesting and put it to use in a powerful way.

How Could A Home on the River Flow to Me?
My husband and I had lived in a large, Victorian home for many years. Since it is just the two of us, I felt that it was a lot of space inside and outside, making it difficult to maintain. After meeting Ken and hearing him speak about his book, I made other plans. After two years of waiting for something to happen, I took it on myself to take action.

Long Odds on That Favorable Outcome? Talk to Ava
Here’s our latest story and it is one that we are very proud of. Two years ago I saw a local story about an 18-year-old girl that received a college scholarship. Well, that is exactly the sort of thing I needed for my 14-year-old daughter. I strive to ensure that they get the best education possible and part of that is to look ahead and plan for college acceptance.

Make it Happen with a Good Business Plan and Manifesting!
Bob Ragland writes: Not too long ago, I decided I was pretty close to paying off my mortgage, so instead of plodding along until it was paid off, I decided on a plan to make that payoff a reality. It was a combination of good business practices and knowing that my thoughts have the power to make things happen. Here’s what I did.

I Ditched that Crisis Driven System and then the BIG BREAK Happened. Hello NBC!
Ken is a good friend and I remember our conversation about ‘Planting the Flag,’ a way to add a little extra oomph in manifesting. I could use another PR boost, but this time for my book, Awakenings from the Light. In the book, I wrote about surviving a very serious accident, but just barely. I was declared dead for a short time in the hospital and during those minutes I found myself in what you would call Heaven for the equivalent of 2-3 months in that realm. I feel it is my life’s purpose to get that information out to a wider public.

Manifesting the Dreams of a Child
My dad took us kids to see Fantasia, the Disney movie, when I was around 7 years old. I fell in love! The music, the colours, the animation… all spellbinding. I was smitten and knew that’s what I wanted to do from then on. Here’s how my dreams came true.

Is Manifesting Fast? Slow? Does it Work?
Manifesting does not always happen as we expect it, nor in a straightforward fashion. In Gary’s case, he was always moving toward his manifesting goals even if it didn’t look like it at the time. I’m glad he stayed with it and passed his story on to us.

Go For it Anyway!
I’ll never forget this. I was attending college in Philadelphia. I was a total theater addict, saving my meal money to go to New York and see as many plays as I could afford. It was the winter of 1969 and I went to the theatre to see Henry Fonda was acting in a Thornton Wilder, Pulitzer Prize winning play, Our Town. When the play was over, I told my cousins that I was going backstage to meet Mr. Fonda. Read on…

Angie Had a Very Big Manifesting List. Here’s What Happened
Looking back to 4 years ago, it is absolutely amazing to think of all the changes that have come into my life. Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3was a big catalyst for these changes because I learned how our thoughts really create what we think. I began to manifest my wishes by saying them out loud every day. It was kind of like a comedy because I would talk about bringing a good man into my life in a joking way. So…..

Thanksgiving Week—Where to Start Counting the Blessings?
Let me start by telling you that I’ve seen up and I’ve seen down. I like up a lot better! Gratitude is a practice, just like prayer. Some say I live in rose-colored glasses. I see reality. It’s just that I can generally maintain peace when I’m grateful, even if very tough situations. I hope these vignettes will show you how gratitude, even in small trials, can nourish your soul.

Sometimes the Impossible Happens in the Last Hours
It had been an extraordinary difficult time for me, far too much to go into here but I will tell you that my daughter had been seriously injured in a mass shooting. I left my job to care for her during her recovery and because of some additional personal complications, ended up being unemployed for two years. After such a long time out of the job market and being over 50, it appeared that my chances of getting a proper job to cover my expenses and house payment were slimmer than I thought. I know about manifesting and I was surely working it, prayers too. But after months of looking unsuccessfully, my bills were coming due and my finances were almost spent, including my next mortgage payment.

I Hit the Lowest Low. Then I Took Charge and My Manifesting Changed Everything
This is the story of my first BIG manifestation but before that happened, there were some serious difficulties. It began in the summer of 1990 when my bad marriage ended in divorce and I had to relinquish custody of my 3 year-old. Further, my 2 older children from a previous marriage were abducted by their non-custodial, biological father and hidden away in Los Angeles. I lost all my children in a matter of days. I was in a pit so deep that I could not stop crying…  In other words, had no idea as to “how” to move and buy a house but I’d read plenty on creative visualization and manifesting, so went to work on it.

My Heart Was Breaking. Would Help Come?
I am 78 years old and have been manifesting many things in my life. I am still in shock of how my story unfolded last Tuesday. Let me share my golden retriever and “angel” experience with you.

Jump in and begin creating the better life you have been dreaming of. Don’t wait another year or even a day to start. I hope to hear your story next!

Go to the Interviews Page to see and hear Ken talking about Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3. There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

Have a manifesting story to share?
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