Favorite Manifesting Stories from 2022

Favorite Manifesting Stories from 2022

My sincere thinks to all of the readers that shared their manifesting experiences last year. It is a thrill to read them and pass them on to you. Their manifesting techniques were simple but the outcomes are large. Here are some favorites from last year and now it is your turn!

On the First Try, Manifesting That Man Quick! And Then…
It’s all about the asking. With A’s story, the asking was done casually, a bit of fun. But once we decide on something important, our minds will touch it from time to time and occasionally, that’s all it takes to get the result. A little more practice and information is helpful at times and that’s what the book and the 400+ newsletter stories are for.
Enjoy what A. has passed on to us.

I Kept Saying, “I Am So Lonely,” and it Worked (with 4 story bonus!)
Grace writes:
I’ve been single for a long time, 30 years now. I am attractive, active and interesting but have been single for all these years. In the last twenty years I got into this habit: Every day and many times a day I would make the observation that I was lonely. Morning, afternoon and night I would say those words and feel the misery of it. I was really good at this! My life felt restricted and there was a damper on everything.
Learn how Grace turned it around

I Manifested a Plan and Found the Solution Immediately!
M. writes:
I have been a contractor for many years now and I’ve seen plenty of ups and downs. I work on my own most of the time doing landscaping jobs for individual clients. Many of those years have been a struggle and I was always looking for the key to an easier way of living and a more successful, financial outcome.

I have used what I learned from Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3 and it has been very helpful at times. I can’t say that I’ve been absolutely diligent with the manifesting but lately, it was time to refocus on the idea of making something happen.
And here is M.’s success story

A Tender Request, A Prayer, Then a Response
P. writes:
My sister D. and I were at the home of our elderly parents, helping them pack to leave their summer home.  It was a stressful time.  We love our parents dearly, but our mother can be anxious and controlling and I struggle not to be reactive.  I remembered from a workshop years ago, to ask, “Please help me have a loving heart instead of an angry heart.”
P. received a remarkable response

Manifesting an Improved Career and the Equivalent Surprise!
Leslie writes:
I make a living as a full time artist. To expand my success, I make an intention at the beginning of each year and revisit that from time-to-time. Manifesting is not new to me and I’ve used it for a variety of things, including my art career in the past. This year I decided I wanted to work larger and also start working with art consultants.
Find out what happened next:

I Opened the Door and Received a Reassuring Answer
Juls signed up for my art class and the evening before the class began, she made the request that she would get everything she could out of the art workshop.
In two days, she received a most unusual response.

I hope these stories will inspire you to see yourself as worthy and endowed with the ability to create wonderful things in your life.
Here’s to a happy, fulfilling and wonderful New Year!

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